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Hey guys!
It's a new quarter for my school, Quarter 3. wow, this year is flying by! Today we learned about the Great Depression and how so many people lost their jobs and couldn't afford jobs. People back then did this thing called boarders, when they use paying guests in their house to get money. Like if a father lost his job and couldn't afford the mortgage payment for his family, they would be homeless. So, he'd look for a house with a sign that'd say "Boarders Welcome" and would pay to live in their house until he could get a job and repay the mortgage. Long story, but it was worth it.
But, kids still did have fun. I found one of my old American Girl cookbooks from Kit Kitterage, a girl who lived during the Great Depression. I'm going to give it to Mrs. Ferniston, my social studies teacher, tomorrow. Anyways, in the back of the book there is fun games that kid played back then that can be fun today, too! Great for parties and get-togethers; let's get started!

Backyard Bash:
Say Stoop -
Try this funny variation on Simon Says. One kid is the Leader, and she faces the other players. when she says, "I say stoop," the other players must stoop down. when she says, "I say stand," the other players must stand. Sometimes the Leader acts out her commands correctly - but sometimes she will stand as she says "I say stoop" and stoop as she says, "I say stand." The others must do as the Leader says, not as she does. When a player makes a mistake, she sits down. the faster the Leader gives orders, the more mistakes players will make. the last girl standing is the new leader.
Roll Ball -
players stand side by side, with a laundry basket lying on its side in front of each girl. The first player stands 15 feet away, facing the others. She has three chances to roll a ball (a soccer ball works well) into a basket. If she misses, she clips a clothespin to her own basket, and the next girl in line rolls the ball. when the ball goes into a basket, everyone runs, except the girl who owns the basket - she grabs the ball and tries to tag a runner by throwing the ball at her. If she succeeds, she clips a clothespin onto a tagged runner's basket. if she fails, she clips a clothespin to her own basket. The game repeats with the next girl in line rolling the ball. When a girl has five clothespins on her basket, she's out! The last player left wins.

Game Day:
Japanese Fan Race -
This game is a fun way to get cooled down! Give each girl a 3-inch square of tissue paper, marked with her name, and a handheld fan. (the fans may simply be pieces of paper pleated like an accordian and taped at one end.) At the other end of the room, set up a goal, such a two books placed a foot apart. On the word "Go," each player tries to fan her tissue paper through the goal first.
Alphabet Traveling -
Everyone sits in a circle. The first player tuwns to the girl on her right and says, "I am going by airplane to Africa." The other girl asks, "What will you do there?" The first player replies, "Ask advice" or "Act ape-like" or any action beginning with A. The girl on her right then announces that she is going somewhere beginning with B, such as "I am going to Boston by boat." The game continues around the circle, moving through the alphabet.

FUN FACT: Board games were all the rage in 1932. Department stores opened game departments to serve eager shoppers. Coast to Coast Air Race was a puzzle game inspired by the popularity of daring young pilots such as Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh. when Monopoly was invented in 1935, it became the best-sellig same in America! The unemployed inventor of the game, Charles Darrow, became a millionaire!

- Annie <3
Hey guys!

A lot of you guys have been asking me a simple question: How do I get the degree symbol when I type my recipes?
Well the process is very simple. Type in this link: http://degreesymbol.com/ (yeah, it's weird, but it's a true link) or follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Windows: hold down the ALT key and type 248 on the numeric pad, then release the ALT key.
Macintosh: hold down the Option key (usually labelled ALT as well) and type a zero.

Yeah, it's pretty simple. ask you parents what computer you have and figure out what you can do to type a degree symbol!

- Annie <3

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