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Welcome to Krafts & Kookies!
♥-Hi, I'm Annie. I'm a 11-year-old girl who loves to bake treats and create fun crafts! This blog used to be called The Baking Station, but the title was changed due to the new content.
♥-Sometimes, crafting and baking can be difficult. There will be hot appliances that even I'm sometimes scared to touch! That is why no matter what we always have an adult you trust in the kitchen or crafting room with you whenever you have your gears turning. Show them what you are planning to make, and I'm sure they'll help you out in any way they can!
♥-Use the divider tabs on the top of the screen to get around my blog. I have tons of recipes, plus craft ideas to boost your creative spirit! i own a cafe called Munch 'N Crunch in Madison, Wisconsin. For safety purposes, I cannot put the full address, but you should look around!
♥-My forum is open to all users! I answer questions and give advice.

Enjoy Krafts and Kookies, and have a great day! ;-)
- Annie
This week is Emeril Lagasse Week on Krafts and Kookies!

All week long from February 6 through February 13, I'll be posting amazing recipes from the one and only Emeril Lagasse from his book, There's a Chef in My Soup!

Comment in the forum your favorite Emeril Lagasse book/recipe and you'll receive a shout-out and a PDF link to my newsletter!

Keep checking out my blog for daily updates! Thanks for checkin' out Krafts & Kookies!

Have you ever wondered if you had what it takes to become a famous chef? Do you think that people will love your recipes and food taste? Are you begging to get your food ideas out to the world? Have you ever wanted to make friends with somebody that is on the other side of the world?

Well, then this is the contest for you! It's time for The Baking Station Contest #2: Become a Chef!


Entering the Become a Chef! contest is not a hassle at all! All you have to do is put in the forum the recipe to your favorite dish, or the link to your favorite online recipe. You can chat with other contestants and compare your recipes!


One grand prize winner's recipe will be posted on my blog with credit. For example, "John F. from North Carolina has won the Become a Chef! Contest 2015! Congratulations!" The winner's recipe will be displayed on the home page.

Ten runner-ups will have their name be mentioned at the end of the post. For example, "Kate W., George R., James H., (etc.) are the runner-ups to the Become a Chef! Contest. Your hard work is appreciated!"


Of course, along with every contest, there are rules in order to participate. Please follow the rules accordingly or you entry will not count in the contest.

- Bad-minded entries/comments will be automatically be deleted by the Blog City browser.
- In the name section, please put your first name and the first letter of your last name. (ex: John F.)
- Your recipe cannot contain any alcohol of any type.
- You are allowed to put a link to a video tutorial instead of a typed recipe, but please make sure the video is appropriate.
- I'm sorry, but your favorite recipe cannot be mine. ;-)

And, just for the sake of Internet safety, please have a parent or guardian look over your entry before sending it out to the world!

Can't wait to see all of your entries! Please send them in by February 3, 2015.
- Annie <3

OMG guys; my goal has been reached. Not 100, but 135 views before New Years! I am so excited that everyone participated in my contest!
I am so excited! Check out my HOLIDAY RECIPES section of my blog to find a cool BETTY CROCKER link to find THRE DIFFERENT NEW YEAR'S RECIPES that arec great for any party!
Enjoy! ;-)

- Annie <3

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