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travel and impression

my trip

First some short Details about my trip to Paris.
I`ve been there with my Family, my Mam, my Dad and my younger brother. Me and my brother were between 13-15. We`ve been there 7 days, saturday till Saturday, between March and April 2015. We got there my Train, which is the easiest and best day. We are from a City in the North of Germany and from Cologne to Paris was around 3 hours i think, so pretty fast. We took " THALYS". I just love THALYS. It`s a black and red Train ( outside and inside) and it`s all so pretty, chic, Kind of a elegant living room of rich People. The Train even has an on gate on the Train Station (Gare de Nord). So if you can, take that Train.
We spent our time not in a Hotel, we were at a "private Holiday appartment", booked over airbnb. It was reeeaaaally small ( around 20m²) but lovely, so if you want to get the link, write me a message.
I would prefer a private apparment, because you have to buy you own breakfast and so on in French bakerys, you meet neighbors and get to know the real every day life of Paris People.

first Impression

Okay, so here we are, welcome to Paris, the City of lights and love:)

The atmosphere of Paris is beautiful. It`s a modern mix with traditional old from elegant inhabitants and new things from creative Young People with dreams and great ideas. Paris People have more time than for example the New Yorkers. But it`s still a really big town and the People als run a lot. But they also sit down i a cafè or lay down i a park, drink their coffee and shop, like they had all time of the world and nobody was in a hurry.


Paris is very, very expensive!!! It`s normal to pay 5€ for one cappuchino, on Camph Èlysèes i even saw Cappuchinos for 7€. And ice cream for 3-4€ for each ice ball.
BUT there are some Things that are cheap or free , at least for under-18-years-olds. Museums and Gallerys( Palais Royal, great modern and old paintings and sculptures in a great building for FREE for everyone!!!) ,
Walking up the Eiffel tour isn`t that expensive, but you will find more tips soon:)


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