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Hey guys:)
I`m such a lucky girl, I`ve been to many great places before like
New York City, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Florida (Kennedy Space Center) and so on...
So I`m often " on tour".
In April 2015 i went to Paris for one week.
I really love this beautiful City.
So i`m really happy that i can Show you my advices and tips for your visit to Paris.
Follow me to the next theme...
Enjoy reading, thank you so much for beeing here
stellaontour-this time: Paris
Have a great day,

About City trips and travels in General:

1. Wear good and comfort (!) shoes (i prefer Sport shoes), trust me, you will walk all day!
2. Take a backpack with you. It`s better for your shoulders and back than a shoulder bag!
3. Wear a " all weather" jacket, nothing is worse than getting totally wet.
4. Make sure your jacket has big pockets ( so you can put your camera in it)
5. Always take enough water with you, because you should make sure to drink and eat ( fruits, vegetables) enough, such trips are exhausting!
6. Leave the normal tourism sights and take a look at different parts of the City, where the inhabitants live
7. Relax! Look for parks and just sit down, it helps you to get the atmosphere of the City.
8. Realize what you really want to see and take time there to take a closer look.
( It`s better to see 3 things Close, than 10 in a hurry)
9. Be polite, and, if able, talk to the People, you can meet amazing People!
10. Enjoy! You don`t know if you ever come back!

Sacrè Coeur in Montmatre

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