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Here at Midnght Wolves we don't just offer the actual RPGs - we also have this Fun Stuff page! If you like you can post a story about your character on the forum, and if it's good enough it will be put here! There's jokes, adoptables, optical illusions, and anything you request!
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Draw a picture of your RP character and email it in. The best picture is displayed on the Xtra News emails, the Xtra page and the Fun Stuff page.


Optical Illusion:

How many wolves are there in this picture? Post your answer on the forum!


A farmer wants to take his wolf, sheep and bale of hay across a river. If he leaves the sheep with the wolf, the sheep is eaten. If he leaves the hay with the sheep, the hay is eaten. How can he take everything, and himself across the river if his boat can only hold himself and one other thing?
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Story: A New Realm by Lauren, site owner

Springing, claws outsretched, teeth bared, the rage-bitten young wolf snarled at his attacker. This should be his realm, his land, his territory - nothing could stand in his way. Audolf was clever - as the son of an alpha he had to be - and so far he had been doing well, but even so the opponent was more experienced. Fiercly he bit back the urged to yelp as the larger, thick-coated bear tore into his pelt. The ghash flowed with rich red blood; the urged to lick was strong. Another pounce. This time the enemy fell to their side and Audolf went in for the kill. The new patch of land was too luxurious to miss owning. With a bite as swift as an eagle owl's flight, the young, foxy-red and brown-speckled wolf ended the huge bear's life. A new realm was his.


Brown wolf adopted by: Lewis
Purple/pink dog adopted by:
Blue winged wolf adopted by:
Blue-grey kitten adopted by:
Brown bear adopted by:

To adopt, say which one you want on forum with your name.

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