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oh, god, shes so beautiful. i love her style.

from the video 'can't be tamed'

hannah montana movie :)

miles and steve rushton.
listen to his music, he's great :)
steve also is in a scene of the Hannah Montana Movie. He sings a song for Lily's birthday party.

movviee :D

they said she looked depressed at this award show, does depression now include laughing?

american idol 2010.

beautiful, miley !

party in the usa video. :)

party in the usa video :)

photo shoot for her autobiography 'Miles To Go'
on the set of 'the last song'.

she's not pole dancing, its okay :)

i lovelovelove this dress :)

Hey Everyone This is my Miley Cyrus Blog, And no I'm not Miley Cyrus. But I'm a very big fan of hers.
If you have nothing nice to say, why even be here? I'm not going to post your guestbook responses if there mean, and I'll just delete your forum posts if there are mean too. So, just go away and let us enjoy our hero. Stop hating and get a life if all you have time to do is post bad things about Miley. We love her, so let us have our fun. Thanks.
Hope you like it, use the pictures as ya wish. (:
Look, Comment and Have fun!
~maggie grandy, the creator.

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