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Miley Cyrus, Baby.
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2007-03-23 kelsi, 11 yrs (none or ur bissnessD)

2007-04-04 MILEY FAN (ALABAMA)

2007-03-28 Gage Negley, 14 yrs (Texas)
3 Hey everyone hope everybody is having the bestest fun ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2007-06-03 Julie (United staes)
4 this site is ok i guess i like the pictures about miley thats about it!

2007-11-14 andrea, 11 yrs (san francisco)
5 i will like to meet you and go shopping with you

2008-01-19 Jimmy m. (LA)
6 i love your pictures!!! i think that ur soooo hot!!=

2008-01-23 bailey, 10 yrs (canada)
7 hi i love your webpage it is aswome!!!!!!!

2008-03-05 Ashley, 10 yrs (USA)
8 I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE you Hannah/Miley!!!!! you are the BEST!!! I think about you everyday-all the time-everywhere!! P.S. My friends think I'm crazy-

2008-03-04 Elena, 10 yrs (SD)
9 Hi me and my friends love you. you are the coolest in the world!!!!!!!!!

2008-03-08 Maggie, 11 yrs (CA)
10 Hey, Everyone hope you like my blog. I try my best. :D

2008-08-13 Maggie (Canada)
11 Hey guys... That last message was not me.. For one thing I'm not 11. I'm 12. And I dont use ':D' outside of msn. That is a faker at least I think so.. unless I forget typing it.. Anyways glad your liking my site!

2009-02-21 Elyse, 12 yrs (USA)
12 Hi I love you webpage and i love the pictures you have my favorite one is where she is in like the pink fishnet sleeves and she is aplying Lip Gloss

2009-07-17 anne (germany)
13 a very cool site...i love the pictures...miley cyrus is soo beautiful .. i love her music!!

2009-08-27 naina, 15 yrs (india)
14 Hy Miley, I am your very big fan

2009-10-19 JOhanna (sverge)
15 Oh Miley Cyrus ILOVE YOU SO MUTCH

2010-06-06 Maria, 12 yrs (Denmark)
16 Hey everyone. I Love Miley Cyrus to. I want to be like her and be a singer and a acterrist... That is my dream! Just to talk with her or be friends with her!! You are just so naturally...

2010-06-06 Maggie, 13 yrs (Canada)
17 hey guys, i've updated and i hope your liking :

2010-06-30 Brittany, 13 yrs (United States)
18 Yhis is such a creative website and im glad i found because i was just looking at pictures of miley cyrus on google and i found this!!!!!WOW!!!

2010-08-19 Simon (Belguim)
19 nice site

2010-07-19 Jasmine, 13 yrs (USA)
20 iLovedd Yourr Websitee

2011-02-16 Gemella, 13 yrs (nederland)
21 Hey miley / hannah i am a big fan of your supper! I think you are really great and you sing really nice I hope you forever blijfd sing, what I really am the biggest fan of you, I love you forever-XxX-

2011-02-17 shae, 12 yrs (usa)
22 kwl site but i dont realy lik miley

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