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Here are often questions asked to Frenchies :

Is French hard ? French is a hard language, it comes with conjugaisons, difficult grammar, weird rules and folkloric pronounciation. If you want to claim the finest of the level in French, you shall need hours of practices but I'm here to help you !

What are the weird letters you use ? Yes, we sometime use weird letters but not as weird as Polish ones. We use , , , , , , , , , , , . It respectively pronounces (into French pronounciation) : ey, ay, ss, u, a, a, e, e, i, i, eu and ai... Yes, there are no many differences but the is a single syllable, like in "Sesme".

Do you all like baguettes, pain au chocolat, fromage, grenouilles every day ? I'm used to eat bread with something else almost everyday, I love cheese and wine but I dislike frog or snails.

Why Frenchies are so bad in English pronounciation ? Because English use pronounciation that Frenchies do not use. Let an English speak in French, you will have the same result ! Italians, Spanish, Romanians, Germans and Russians have a pronounciation near ours so this is more easy for them to pronounce.

How many accents do exist in French ? A LOT. But my favourite one is the Quebecor accent, the accent spoken in Qubec, Canada.

Do you all live in Paris ? No, France is a 551 695 km country without counting the territories outside France and water, so we have a lot of room here !

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