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Our Heritage Sri Pada.

Sri Pada is one of the famous mountains in Sri lanka.It is situated in the Rathnapura district. This mountain is popularly known in English as Adam's peak Pilgrims from all faiths climb this mountain. The for largest rivers,Mahaweli,Kelani,Kalu,Walawe spring from this mountain.

The Kohomba tree

The Khomba tree has a medicinal value.The Tamils call it 'vempu' .The fiowering season of the tree is between March and April.Every part of this tree tastes bitter.It has yellow wish green fruits. It is used to make herbal oil. The seed is valuable as an insecticide.Some use the twigs of this tree as a tooth brush.The green leaves are insect resistant.The are kept in between The pages of books to prevent insect from destroying pages.This tree is considered as one of the most precious trees in the world.

Our Heritage Kumana.

Kumana is a famous bird sanctuary in in sri lanka.It is situated in the East ,close to Potuvil.We can see hundreds of varieties of birds here.Migrant birds too arrive at Kumana from overseas. Kumana besomes a bird watcher's paradise during the season.

Season in sri lanka

In srilanka ,there are two seasons. They are the dry season and rainy season. The wather becomes very hot in the dry season. Under The heat ,stream and wells dry up. In large lakes only some muddy water remains. The fish in them die. The water level in rivers goes down. Animals in jungles trek miles and niles looking for water. Most of them die on the way.There is suffering every where.

The south west monsoon and the north east monson bring in the rainy season. Thanks,rivers, streams,wells and water-holes bring to over flow-Trees ,shrubs grow fat on the grass,leaves,fruits and seeds. rarmers are happy. The dry season is over . How they can start their cultivation.

Ruwanwalisaya is situated in Anuradhapuraya. It is built Dutugamunu king. When Ruwanwalisaya was being constructed. King Dutuganunu feels seriously ill. His only dream was to complete the work of the Stupa. His brother king Tissa helped to him to achieve his dream. After Dutugamunu king was die.


I am Kavishka. We went to ketawala. The friends was Welcome us a very good way. I am very happy about it. They are gave some flowers to us. After we was taking some cup of tea. After we did start our English lessons. After we got our lunch. And after we again started our lessons. It was very importance to us impure our English knowledge. After was night. We took our dinner. We was very happy in their. We did some debates also. I was participated that debates And I held many stories. And I am very proud bought my Ketawala friends and their parents. Because they were very tired about us. I like to thank to them.
Harmful thing for our body.

1.Harmful Insects.
A fly carries dirt on its legs and then sit on our food. If you eat this dirty food, you will get stomach pain.

A cockroach has dirty feet and germs all over its body. A bed bug bites us and sucks our blood.

A louse lives on the hair of our heads causing itching and scratching.

A mosquito sucks our blood and leaves malaria germs.

Scout camp.

The first aid camp held on January 29, 30 days in 2011.Ii held from Red Cross Organization. It was most valuable thing for us. It was held to Scouts for take to first aid middle. At those days we practiced how to give first aid to patient. At those days we sang and play. We met many students in other schools.
The last a day they held a test too. That for First aid box. The Rambuka scouts won that first aid box. The name of that camp Allavision first

Today flowers have become an important source of income. Many varieties of flowers are being exported t foreign markets. Selling flowering plants also brings in a good income.Many valuable flowers are now endangered.

Flowers have been important to man ancient times. People love to grow flowering plants in their gardens. Botanical gardens like Peradeniya and Haggalla have a wide variety of flowers. Natural forests like Sinharaja also abundant in beautiful flowers.

Flowers have a fragrance and they beautify the environment. They appeal to everyone. They brighten every occasion of our lives. They are also used in religious activity. Buddhists offer flowers to load Buddha. Hindus garland their gods with flowers. People use them for decorations. Flowers are an integral part both at Weddings and funerals.
His Excellency Our President.

Our President is Mahinda Rajapaksha. His village is Medhamullana. It is situated in Hambanthota. His father is a Politician and good farmer too. And his name is D.A. Rajapaksha. President's Wife is Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapasksha. She had a pre school. He has three Sons and no Daughter.

He had a habit to grow The Paddy and other things. His father was a Good farmer. When he was child he had eaten Kurakkan like gains. Now, he also likes it.

One of his son is in the Navy. One is a Politician . He has a special chevalier. Itís for setting free our Country. It is Wshwakeerthi sri three sinhaladeeshwara. He loves our mother land very much,

From 2005 He is president yet in sri lanka. He releases our country from L.T.T.E and Now He is developing our country.I am proud of our president . One day, I hope to meet him like Chamara ayya.

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