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This is my page.

my self

I am Kavishka Lakshan . my father's name is Aberathna. my mother's name is Nalika Nilanthi. I live in Thanabela. it is very beautiful. my school is rambuka e village school. my best freind's name is Dilshan email address is My village is very peaceful. My village is rural village. I am a Buddhist.

My hobby.

My hobby is writing story books. It is very easy thing. I am writing story book in these days. I had written a story book. My mother and my father help to me every times. My first story book is from red light to palace. My father and mother were very happy about it. I wrote it in Sinhala. And I hope write a small story in English. But I am learning English yet. But I think I can do it. I am very happy about my stories and very proud about me.
Our President.

Our President is Mahinda Rajapaksha. His village is Medhamullana. It is situated in Hambanthota. His father is a Politician and good farmer also. And his name is D.A. Rajapaksha. President's Wife is Mrs. Shiranthi Rajapasksha. She held pay school. He has Three Sons and no Daughter. He is sorry about it.

He had s habit to grow The Paddy and other things. His father is Good farmer. In his small time he had eat Kurakkan like gains. Now also he likes to its. His one of son is in navy. His one of son is a politicion. He has a special chevalier. Its for released our Country. It is Wshwakeerthi sri three sinhaladeeshwara.

From 2005 He is president yet in sri lanka. He releases our country from L.T.T.E and Now He Development our country.

My country

My country is Sri Lanka. It is very beautiful. In my country has 25 districs and 09 provincials.The natational flower of my country is "nil manel" and the national tree is Na. The H.E. precident In my country is Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha. The main riverIn of my country is "Mahavali". I love my country very much.
My school.

My school is Rambuka evillage school. It situated in Sabaragamuva province and Rathnapura distric. Im my school principal is Somadasa Koswaththa.There is a 07 buildings in my school.There is 40 teachers in my school.In my school computer lab has 11 computer.Our school has Vidio team. They are went to met pricedent. Our computor teacher is Mr. H.M. wijewardana. My school has 02 ground.In our school has a Web side.Tn my school has a library.I love my school.

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Hello World , I am a boy from Sri lanka. - My self (Countries of the World - Others)    -    Author : W.A.kavishka - Sri Lanka

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