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This quiz is about the award winning film, frozen.

1. The sisters fave food is _____________
a) carrots
b) ice-cream
c) chocolate

2. In the song "do you want to build a snowman", how many times does Anna ask Elsa to play with her?
a) 16
b) 3
c) 4

3. Which one of these songs is NOT in the film?
a) roar
b) let it go
c) for the first time in forever

4. Olaf is a _____________
a) reindeer
b) prince
c) snowman

5. Who built Olaf?
a) Elsa
b) Anna
c) Sphen

Answers on the answer page

How long is the film?

We will put your names on the site to say that you've got the answer.

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