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Hey everybody! We're Charlie and Toto, and we're the Giggle-pigs! We're guinea pigs and we live in Northampton, England, with our human owner Lauren. Toto is an Argente guinea pig, which is a rare breed, because they are the only guin guins to have the same colour coat all over and red eyes. His colour is chocolate lilac. I, Charlie, known as Tufty, am an American Crested Mix, and I am a brown and white mongrel. They say that mongrels live for longer! (not telling Toto that though!). This is our very first website all to ourselves, and we've packed it full of fun stuff, including diaries, guinea pig news from around the world, guinea pig jokes, breed info, general cavie care....there's so much we can hardly fit it in!

Hope you enjoy!

~Charlie (and Toto too)


The Giggle-pigs are getting into the Christmas Spirit!

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