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Lernu Esperanton en la reto!
Learn Esperanto at the internet

If you want to start learning Esperanto, you should first know the basics of the language. How does it work?

Ends with

* Whole verb, example: to go = iri
** Most Adverbs end with -e, not all of them.

1, Nouns

Nouns are things you can use the words the, a or an for. For example:

A car
The bird
An example

In Esperanto, they all end with the letter O. But Esperanto doesn't know the words a and an. You just don't use them. There is a word for the, it is called la.


a boy/boy: knabo
the boy: la knabo
a year: jaro
the year: la jaro

How to make them plural? Just put a J behind it!

boys: knaboj
the boys: la knaboj
years: jaroj
the years: la jaroj

If a noun is the object in a sentence, it gets an extra N. I will make some sentences to show you how it works.

I have a dog.

What do I (subject) have? Answer: a dog

In Esperanto:

I = mi
to have = havi
a dog = hundo

Mi havas* hundon.

* verbs will be learnt later.

2, Adjectives and 3, Verbs will come soon!

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