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Ok Comment Time is over now it's time for Miley to speak with...

Miley Q&A!!!

Q: Hi Miley! How you feeling?

A: Tired! I just got back home from performing! The fans scream like five minutes before I go onstage! It's amazing!

Q: So do you like being with fans or would you rather relax?

A: I would rather relax you know sit down and watch some TV maybe take a nap. Ok that was a huge lie! I love being with my fans! I would at least spend like an hour with fans then go home and relax!

Q: Do you like performing? On TV and singing.

A: Um.. I would have to say that I love performing on TV but I have to get up early in the moring and practice for a few hours. And I love performing on stage because just seeing the way your fans act at concerts and knowing they paid like a hundred dollars just to see me amazes me!

Q: What does it feel like when you go out to eat in public?

A: It's different to eat out now because everytime I just get out of the house everyones like ' Hey look there's Hannah Montana!!' or ' Hey look ther's Miley!! ' and they will crowd me but It's still great to get out of the house every once in awhile and I'm used to the fame now so I can go out to eat anytime and will be fine with someone coming up asking me for my autograph.

Q: Can you remember when you were little what your favorite book was?

A: My favorite book was Little Ballerina and it was the cutest little book. My sister reads it now, and it was about this little girl on her first day of ballet and she's scared and then she turns out to be really good.

Q: Do you have a book your reading now?

A: I just read one called Don't Die My Love. It's about this girl whose boyfriend gets cancer and they try to do all this stuff together while they can. It's really sad.
That's all for Q & A!!! Now last but not least lets do some quizes

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