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Hey Guys it's me Emily on my new blog When Miley Performs Before I begin let me tell you about this picture it's my blogs icon! When ever you come this picture will stay here on top and at the very bottom when it's not that means someone got into my blog. Ok so first I'll start off with some pictures of when Miley or Hannah performs and give details then Q&A With Miley About Quizes: When you answer them, email me with answers and your name age and state. If you get them correct the next week I will put your name age and state under the ' Winners From Last Week ' Thing!

Miley performing at a concert


Miley dancing at the concert

Miley as Hannah Montana performing on Good Morning America

Good Morning America must be a hit now!

I wonder what she's singing!

More Hannah!!


Hi Hannah

Miley's recording a song!!

Now she is performing with the Jonas Brothers as Hannah Montana


That must hurt!!


Now Miley Comes Out

Now Hannah Again

That sure must be really loud!

Miley is having a blast as Hannah singing

Yay!! I would die if I was that girl who got to touch Hannah's hand!!!!!!!!!!!

Miley on TV! Interview Time! :-) =)

Hannah performing!!! Woot Woot!
Some Real Cool Pictures Taken by me and remade!


Miley loves Nick! (or at least thinks he is a little cute)

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