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January 27
For breakfast I had a barbecue chicken crustini, It was really good. Then later I had another long john.
And after that I went outside snow shoeing
Before lunch I went snow shoeing again, It was alot of fun. But I cant do much today because my mum is really tired.
Later on in the day after lunch I made a mocktail out of orange tang drink mix powdered sugar and diet pepsi, It was really good. After I made it I went up to my mums room and read her a book while I was drinking it. She seemed to enjoy me reading to her.
Before dinner I dressed in my punk rock outfit and put on eyeliner. Then even later after dinner (I had french toast) I made another mocktail and it was pretty good.
2 parts pepsi.
3 parts orange tang.
Lots of ice.
Icing sugar.
First add in some icing sugar.
then put a fair bit of ice ontop.
And after that add 1 of the 2 parts of pepsi.
Then add your 3 parts tang.
Lastly add the other 1 part pepsi then a tiny bit of icing sugar on top and stir.
Here is a picture of what it should look like.

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