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January 26
Today I went snow shoeing with my geography class. It was a lot of fun. Here is a picture of my snow shoes
In french class, I got to throw a paper airplane out of a second story window.
And then during lunch I listened to music and ate a tuna sandwich with iced tea.

Later on I got shown where my next term classes will be. I have English, Resource, Math, And gym.
I am excited for english and resource, As I already know the teachers.
After school, I went to the water tower hill tobogganing again, I went down about twenty times, Then I tried to go over a ramp and got flung into some bushes, Then I tried again and went flying through the bushes, On the third try I got it.
Before dinner just after I got home from tobogganing I had a long john, Heres a picture of one.

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