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His name with o is Africa love, son nom avec le o est l'amour de l'Afrique.
The university of Bangui attracts it for the right, it registered there and postpones it once admitted in second year. During this time simultaneously it fitted in a private university (High School of Management and Accounts Department) or it made accountancy. In second year, it obtains gift HAD (University Diploma of Technology) of Accounts Department. In third year it makes the science of management management (NEW-TECH INSTITUTE) where it obtains it with mention. Since the small Seminar the music to start to move it, it had founded an orchestra there “orchestrates BAMAX” which animated the Seminar the weekends, and was used as humorous troop, nobody did not see what this young person Igor today DOROTH-BEE.D2000 cultivated, its.
It founded the group of the philosophers with his friend BLECHO PRIVAT… where they wrote a collection of poem “It is not possible”, gift made with the seminar. After its first course of versification, the feather became its horse of batails. Quickly the political topics interested it, the suffering of its country, it sought in him the origin of these evils which lives its country and of the prospects for exit of crisis. It spoke and continuous about speaking about polygamy where it has a victim of it. It says it of foreground. It does not cease speaking about the polygamous hearths, it says for this fact that polygamy is the enemy of the children. It suffered from it would have been not its formation of the seminar which returns it extremely it would not be what it builds, in spite of bottoms. It is once outside that it had the taste to only rebuild, all what it had begun with the small Holy Seminar Louis de Bangassou, music. It vision was very far.

It sought accomplices to found groups, the latter hardly provided him until it waits. I.e. to work initially lasts in then the money plutard, no one did not include/understand it. What did not discourage it. It continued its writings, because for him not to write a word per day it is sinned. It made its first exit at the time of the festival of music 2004, by making interpretations and by singing its own songs lacepela has. In 2009 it made its first recording with five titles: 1-ki will be able to dir me 2 I condemn 3-mama veined 4-President child 5-Stop AIDS And a small course measuring with his/her friends “Europe in one minute turned”. It takes its time to leave most personal taking account of sonorities afro. It speaks French, English and four dialects of his country. writing where in the same way it grows writes three new novels. 1-forgiveness in the name of the change 2-Mom I will not cease crying you 3-Under the coat of my adolescence with Graciela.



Licencé en Science de Gestion Management et Musicien (Rappeur)

E-mail: igorbawo@yahoo.fr/bawoigor@yahoo.fr
Tél: (236) 72 70 66 63/ 75 02 07 86

Please send me a comment to all of North South East West, from Africa to the US, Europe Asia..., I will answer. GOD BLESS US.

Merci de m'envoyer un commentaire, à tous du Nord au Sud de l'Est à l'Ouest, de l'Afrique aux US, de l'Europe à l'Asie..., je répondrai. GOD BLESS US.

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