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Hey guys! This is where I tell you about all my upcoming movies,series, and books!
Kingdoms Conquer
In progress. First episode completed!
Rating: TV-PG
Dagger(the movie)
Based on my book, this is the story of Eliza Herolan. A girl who has been given the task of protecting a magical dagger. At all costs.
RP(Rating Pending)
88 a second
When a young girl who loves partying and dancing is forced to go to help at a local hospital, she meets a sad,quit,grim man who try to give her advise. Telling her every second 88 people die and she needs to choose what to do with her life. She doesn`t take his advise seriously, till disaster strikes. Liza finally see`s how many people die every day. Now she needs to decide if she going to change, and what she believes.
"Some people never think about their death or life. They just do what they feel like. It`s not just life. It`s what you decide to do with it, and what you believe comes after."
Michael Dern to Liza
3 minutes to live
Description unavailable. Sequel to 88 a second
Mind Games
For this movie I will not use a cast I will do it all myself!
This is the story of 3 young horses who decide to explore a dark part of a forest no one has ever dared go near. But, shortly when they start exploring, they meet a dark mysterious horse. Next thing they know they are in a mystical land. Dark and dreary at first, they try to find a way out. They meet more horses, and find not all of this world is creepy and dark, but many part are beautiful.
The eyes and mind are decieving, is everything really as good as it seems? Can they really trust their so-called friend? Can they even trust THEMSELVES?
Soon they are thrown into the Mind Games, and they must get out, before it`s too late.

RP(rating pending)

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