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Welcome to the world of Kingdoms Conquer!
Kingdoms Conquer episode 1 is complete! Go to my youtube channel,BreyergirlZ, you`ll see it!
Hey guys!! A NEW Kingdoms Conquer series is coming out! Two actually, but I will be telling you about 1
Kingdoms Conquer:Myths,Legends, and Folklore

The series is exactly what it`s titled as, the myths legends and folklore of the world in my Kingdoms Conquer. From myths and legends that have been around for years, local stories and tales, to stories and beliefs about other country`s, I will explain and reveal the myths, legends and folklore from around the Kingdoms Conquer world. As long as explain where they came from and how they originated.

Till next time
Hullo everyone!

Here is the intro for season 1 of Kingdoms Conquer!

I know it's coming out in a few days... but I uploaded another teaser anyway!

hey everyone!
Here is the teaser trailer for Kingdoms Conquer Season 1 Episode 2 "The Healer"

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