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2007-12-26 Omay (USA)
1 Hey ppl it is me Omay so enjoy entering anything in here after i check it..

2008-03-12 omay (USA)
2 here is the basic format and my charater copyright 2008 Name:Omay Age:15 Hair:Black Hair with stricks of light brown Species:Demon-Girl Eyes:Dark Brown Relation:Trying to fix what happened Clothing:A Dress - like in real - mixed with a kikyo dress Description:A mystirous girl who teleports time to time. Shy and super nice but very powerful, and is very beautiful. Powers:Teleports,fights with bow and arrow,sees jewel shards, uses a powerful sword only i can use, sometimes control people and other demons when is in a trans. Weakness:none known Enemies:Naraku,Kagrua, and Naraku's other species. Voice: Sweet yet powerful Others: Hair stricks chan!

2009-02-28 cayce (north america)
3 i love inuyasha he is sssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo hottt u r right kagome and inuyasha do make a cute couple.i love inuyasha i watch it everyday and i have every single thing of inuyasha even the posters

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