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Inuyasha Fans Come Here!!

Hey everybody I made this blog about Inuyasha. So, find people like you in this blog ;-) bye!

Dont you thing Inuyasha and Kagome look super cute together?

Do you think they should get married?

If They Did this is what there kids would look like

Hey look it is everyone!
here is some of there info...

Age: 18-68
Weapon: Tetsusaiga and sometimes his claws.
Description: Inuyasha is a Half-Dog-Demon who is super... you dont really wanna know what i am going to say. Inuyasha's father was a great and powerful demon who died. His mother loved Inuyasha as her son, she was a human which made Inuyasha a Half-demon. Inuyasha has a brother named Sesshormaro. Which is a full demon and tends to try to kill Inuyasha.
More about his charater: A girl named Kikyo once was his partner and a protecter of the Jewel of 4 souls and pinned Inuyasha to a tree. 50 years later Inuyasha was free from his tree prison because a girl named Kagome toke off his arrow which imprisoned him.

Age: 15
Weapon: Bow & Arrows
Description: Kagome a 15 year old girl in high school living in Toyko, Japan fell through a well in search of her cat when she got out of the well she was in the "sengoku jidai" (fuedal era)and gets captured by a trib and then got chased by mistriss centipede and free Inuyasha from his tree prison.
More about this charater: This girl is a reincarnation of Kikyo and has a little brother which was involed in her accindent with the well. Her grandfather has a true belife in his "ornaments"Her mother has been and always will be worried a ton about her daughter, even when she is home.

Age: 8-9
Weapon: Fox Magic
Description: Shippo a young fox demon. His father was killed by a 2 brothers known as the Thunder Brothers, and Shippo is determind to revenge his father but... he is to weak so when he hears of the Jewel of 4 Souls, he finds Kagome and Inuyasha and tries to steal the shards the but he gets caught. After he tries to steals the shards of the jewel of 4 souls Shippo sees Inuyasha's power and just decides to stay with them because of the Jewel... and he gets scared easily.

Age: 19
Weapon: Enchanted Powers from a monk genaration, Wind Tunnel, and a monk staff
Description: Miroku, A perverted monk with a curse on his family which gives the males a Wind Tunnel, which will grow bigger and eventually kill him... Miroku likes Sango..... and maybe young women that he meets... but Sango the most. Miroku is devoted to help Inuyasha and his friends find the shards of the Jewel of 4 souls.

Weapon:Hiraikotsu (a really big boomarang), a demon slayer sword
Description: Sango is a 18/19 year old girl whose village and father were kill by a evil demon named Naraku, and swore that she would kill Naraku for what he did to her family and village.

Weapon: Her own self
Description: Kirara is a demon who can transform into a really big demon who is also Sango's pet who is very cute when she isnt into demon slayer Kirara.

Hey everyone I havent been on lately and i wanted to add that at the end of the show while they are showing the credits, the song is Every Heart by BoA. I decided to add this just in case you didnt know that (I am listening to the song now)

Hey everyone i just thought of something completly new, on the GUEST BOOK make your own charater if you wanna see the format look there now if you want you can even act like you charater on here,see ya

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