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Buy A Makeup(2014/2/23)
Today is Sunday so after having a good sleep I got up to buy the makeup which is for moisturize mask^_^.Well, I will usally ask for something which is not for sale,this time I did so as well.After choosing and paying for my moisturize,I ask the saleman if there is some good lagniappes to send me ,and then she answered me ;"sorry, we just have some old brands of lagniappes"Oh,shit! I should have said"give me some lagniappes please"instead of "some good lagniappes"!(T-T)
So then I went back home with a low mood.....~~~~(>_<)~~~~
Conduct An Experiment(2014/2/24)
Monday's afternoon always belongs to an experiment of microbiology.Today ours experiment is to observe the cells of yeast under the electron microscope and to count them on the hemocytometer. I met a severe problem---I had no idea of how to adjust the microscope so that I could see the yeast£¨T-T£©....I tried times and times but I still couldn't see any images except for a white background.I felt so upset because if I couldn't finish it on time ,my score of experiment will be very low. At last,I decided to ask for teacher to teach me how to adjust it again..... Finally,I knew where my problem lied---the light is too light.So I lowered the light,several minutes later,I saw the yeast!¨I(^¦Ø^)¨J
PE Class(2013/2/25)
Many interesting and beneficial PE classes can be chosed in Fujian Normal University,which is quite different from any PE classes in high schools. This term I chosed the physique classes,which can help me corret my poor postures,form postures of standing,sitting and walking so as to display girl's graceful physiques.
Today we learnt four kinds of dances in all which are the line-dancing,the bullet physique,aerobics and the dance with sign language. At first we couldn't follow her easily because our teacher moved too quickly,especially at the begining of the class.
I am at a bad state
I often feel tired as the spring comes,which is so terrible for me.May be you will ask me why you say it,it just a common phenomenon!In fact it has a bad influence on my study.Just yeasterday,I felt tired again so I could not digest any knowledge my teacher taught me.What should I do to solve it?
I did one stupid things without common sense again! That is I put too much mothballs into the almirah--14 mothballs!!which might kill me!
It is really a terrible and horrible thing !As far as we can see,a manual mothball is mainly consisited of many chemical components,such as 98% p-dichlorbenzene ,which is confirmed to be poisonous.Luckily It explains the matters that why i often feel tried these days.So throwed some of them away and open the windows and doors to air the room.
Cause I will have a text for CET 6,I often do paper of CET 6 consisted of listening, reading and writing parts.Listening part makes me mad indeed because I can not have an clean idea of what it says.I feel my head will blow up like the balloons pumped into overmuch air when I listen to the MP3. I do know that maybe you do not quite understand why there are such difficulty for me on English,but that is true.Who can give me some advise for learning English?

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