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About me & my friends - me and my family

This is me and my smallest cousin a few years from now. He is so cute.

ok this is him alone

this is my family excluding my parents. by my mothers side. i am the girl in the pink dress. the kid who is sitting on me is my cousin dagi. the one sitting beside me is my brother Barock. The kid sitting on him is my other cousin Elias. the old woman sitting beside me is my mom's aunt. the person sitting beside my mom's aunt is my grandmom. the little girl sitting beside my grandmom is my cousin efrata. the boy sitting in front of efrata is her brother Nati. the girl behind barock is my cousin loza. the guy beside loza is my cousin Mesay. the guy beside Mesay is my cousin Josi. the guy beside Josi is my cousin Sisay. The guy beside sisay is my cousin Yodahe.

this are my parents.

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About me & my friends - me and my family (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Yeabsira - Ethiopia

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