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Here is a list of wolf names:

Tano(sun or glory)

Stop Hunting!
Do you know what people
are doing these days
for fun? There hunting
pore defencless animals
such as wolves!
Which isn't right.
send me a penpall to tell me
what you think of idiots
going round with a gun
shooting animals,and i'll
send you a penpall letter
back from penpals for kids,students,
If your looking
to rehome a dog
or puppy,follow
this link which
will take you to
the dogs trust
what do you get when you
cross a elephant and a
wolly jumper?
a wolly mamoth!

what do you call a
donky with 3 legs?

what's a insects
favourite game?

Girl:doctor doctor! i feel like a teapot
Doctor: You pore thing

Boy: Doctor doctor i feel like curtains
Doctor:pull yourself together!
Have you got anything to say about my
site or my pics?post it in my forum
and i can guarrentee it will be on my site.

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