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"Legend Mode"...

Fight in the battlefield - not as your usual cool-lookin' stickman, but as one of the hundreds of characters from lots of games, films and legends, from the WARS Developers, a gas-mask wearing assassin and the selection of classes that are actual characters to giant, mechanical, lumbering machines with TV heads, cleavers and chainsaws and thirsts for human blood!! Each character has special, unique attacks which can level up and the more you level up, the more characters you can unlock...
There will characters from DC and Marvel, games such as Undertale, the Mario games and Final Fantasy!! (there's more than that)



We are very sorry that we have not been active recently. Two of our (quote-on-quote)"developers" have been on holiday, but hopefully we can get the website back up and running!

People will have to be affable d of the fallen gargoyle!

The Chainsmoker has to be killed to access the Axe of the Fallen Gargoyle off Wolf Kundras!ps Wolf Kundras are a really powerful mob! (the most powerful)

I am making a real life version of the Crack O' the Earth sword from WARS and I will bring it to your house when I'm done (and maybe I can make the Bewitching Spell also) ps the house being alex and zac's Alex:Bewitching Spell!I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

The WARS theme tune could be called: Hells Calling, Baby! On Spotify the icon could be this!PS I didn't actually stab myself;it's just a cool pen!


WARS is an OP game!

Lewis: ????? what do u mean

I have had a GENIUS idea 💡!We could have a TV show!A WARS weekly!

This is the WARS front cover
WELCOME to the WARS Corner! Anyone who is included in, I guess, the WARS project, can feel free to put stuff and info related to the game to share with others! There is no bad language, and also HAVE FUN!!!!

Meet you on the battlefield,
Developers and people involved:

Lewis Evenden: initial creator (1 of 3 leaders)
Alex and Zac Collinson: Leaders (2/3 leaders)

Feel free to add to this list!

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