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Violin-Tips and tricks - Beginners
Beyond beginners.....

Lesson 1:
The parts of the violin:
The pegs,
The bridge,
The fingerboard,
The strings (E,A,D,G)
The F-Holes,
The shoulders,
The tail piece,
The button,
The back,
The Neck,
The chin rest,
The fine tuners,
The scroll,
1.Research each part,
and then point them out
on your violin each day.

2.At the end of the 3 days, give yourself a quiz.
Suggested books:
Artistry in strings,
I Can Read Music Book 1
Lesson 2:
The parts of the bow:
The tip,
The stick,
The hair,
The frog,
The pad,
The screw.
Same as before. :)
Lesson 3:
The violin strings:
And G.

1. Point them out and memorize them.
Lesson 4:

Setting the hand
Make sure to do the correct bow hold every day.
Lesson 5:

. Make sure to do all of the steps...
.Make sure too always have good posture.
Lesson 6:
First bow strokes....
For this lesson you will NEED Artistry in Strings.
-For all of you songs too.
As you continue to progress as a violinist, remember to practice each day.
For every day that you practice, give yourself a pat on the back, or a treat.

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