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Hello! My name is Brooklyn, and I will be your United States tutor for the time being! Have you ever wondered about what makes a person a citizen of the US? or How to become a citizen? Have you ever wondered about certain states? Or wished to understand different aspects of "western" culture? Well, look no further! I will happily inform you of all of those things (And more!) on this website.

I have created this website as a way for people from other countries to have a better and more objective understanding of what the United States is like. I also wanted to make sure that people have more information about how to earn their citizenship here, their rights for when they are citizens, and resources for understanding American culture! I sincerely enjoy learning about other cultures, and hope that my american culture is at least half as incredible as many others!

A little bit about me is that I am 17 years old, a writer, an artist, and a thinker. I enjoy learning about world history, other cultures, and understanding different religions. I am pretty much nondenominational, but I raised with Catholic ties, so that's what I feel slightly more comfortable with. My father is an immigrant---he came her from Africa in the 80s. My mom is a first generation american because my Oma (grandmother) is from Germany. My great-grandfather came here from Italy when he was just twelve years old! So, as you might be able to see, I understand immigrants slightly better than most, as I was raised by one and missed out on a lot of American culture for that reason. I also enjoy American Girl Dolls, reading, writing poetry, and listening to music! I have two dogs, and they are so cute. I also have six other siblings.

My family is a military family. My grandfather fought in World War 2 at fifteen (He lied about his age), Vietnam, and Korea. My sister is in the Army and my brother is in the Army Reserves. My oldest brother has ADHD, but has still been trying to get into the military for many years. My father was in the army for 18 years, and my Aunt was in the Air Force for many years too. I, myself, would love to marry someone in the military, but as for actually being a marine, soldier, airmen, etc?? HECK NO! I'm happy to cheer on our boys (and girls!) from the sidelines, thankyouverymuch. Therefore, I love the United States, and I have a lot of respect for our US Military. I understand a lot more about military culture than many other people do, but I am in no way an expert in that field. Lastly, I hope whomever stumbles across this blog finds it very useful!!
About citizenship in the United States

In order to become a naturalized citizen in the US, you can do many things for yourself and your family:

You children could become citizens by birthright through two rights----Jus Sanginis and Jus Solis. Those are latin terms which loosly mean, "Right by blood" and "Right by soil". This means that if you or your partner are american and give birth to the child or have a hand in creating the child, your child is a naturalized citizen. Right by soil means that if you have you child on US soil, your child is an naturalized citizen.

You can become citizen here by:
1). Serving in the military
2). Getting a green card
3). Marrying a US citizen.

In order to become a citizen, you must meet the basic requirements. They aren't hard either!

1). You must be able to read, write, and speak English.
2). You must be a decent person and have good moral character.
3). You must have a good understanding of US history and Government.

I will provide helpful resources for getting started on learning English, and US history and government below.

Before you can become a naturalized citizen through a green card, you must hold a green card for up to five years, be eighteen years of age when applying for citizenship, and have the above traits. If you choose to marry someone in order to gain citizenship, please keep in mind that they must have been a citizen of the United States for up to three years for that to work. In addition, you still need to have all the above traits (except the green card traits) in order for that to work. If you choose to join the military, you must be eighteen years old or older. There is no flexibility on that. You must have been in the US military for up to a year, and if you are separated from the military, you must have been discharged honorably. Again, you must have all the above traits in order to become a US citizen.

The process of becoming a good US citizen is long, but it is worth the wait! Once you are a citizen, you will enjoy many rights that you might not have had before. In the next panel, I will talk about the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

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