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I begun my studies from Brumba primary school in 1992.

I went to Kyabirikwa primary school in 1992.

I completed my studies in Kyabirukwa in 1996.

I then went to Munyonyi primary school in 1996- 1998.

I joined the preparatory seminary in 1999-2000.

I then joined the minor seminary in 2001-2006.

I joined the major seminary for a bachellors in philosophical studies 2007-2010.

Went for my pastoral spiritual year in Kyoga Parish 2010/2011
I then went to Ggaba seminary from 2011 to today

My trip to Germany.
It was in August 2005, when I was blessed with the golden opportunity of having a pilgrimage to Germany for the world you day. {Welt jugent tag}
This was indeed the best time in my life, when my dream of being in a plain was archived.

It was the minor seminary administration that chose me to represent the seminary
And the diocese at large and attend the world youth day. All along while at school before the day, I was restless and only waited for that day.

When the time came for me to go, the Rector Rev. fr. Gervase Diido provided me with some pocket money to help me along the way. I really appreciate his fatherly concern for me. I went and gave a bye greeting to my mother who had not yet known my going. And requested her to keep praying for me.

All of a sudden I left for Kampala, where I bought all that I needed for the journey. Had a night in Nsambya lodge, then went and boarded the plain from Entebbe airport, which was of Ethiopian airways. There was sever check up and that was successfully carried out. Then we left for Ethiopia. After arriving in Ethiopia, we had a night in the Ethiopian hotel. Life there was indeed nice. I went with two other people who include, Fakukola… and Steven who was studying from st. Joseph`s voc. School.

We then had to travel to Germany where we arrived in Frankfurt. There we were taken in a train to Dortmund where we kept in families of st.bonefantius parish. And we also stayed with a host family of Angela. Who had two children, Florentine, and Anna, but these were still young. We enjoyed Dortmund as we had tours in different places and even had games or sports as we met with other youth. That was indeed fantastic. After a week, people of Dortmund, made for us a party and we had to leave for Leverkusen. In Dortmund, I was in friendship with a lady called Christina, who even gave me her photo and promised to meet there after for the youth day with the pope.

In liverkusen life was better, we were in the parish of Fr. Stefan Klinkenberg. Who welcomed us and hosted us well. There we were given a chance to travel whenever we needed to go without paying any coin. We were given free food and a bag where to carry the food for the next meal. All that was just fine. There I visited many places including: Dortmund, Cologne, Duesoldolf Flunkfult, and also around the Rhine river.

I then went for the youth day where we were to have mass with the pope. The mass was indeed enjoyable and I really liked it, with too many people of around hundred of thousands from all countries and Uganda having around hundred people.

Lastly we had a night at the home of Christine, the following morning I had my journey back to Uganda.
The trip was indeed fantastic.


I was born on 27th Dec 1984,in kayenje village, Ngarama sub-county, Bukanga now IsingiroDistrict, my father being the late Mr. Gervase Posiano Bangirana & Mrs. Dorotia Kyampire.
I was born in a family of five children and I being the 3rd born child. How ever the first born past away and the child who followed me too past away leaving us only three boys of the same mother and father.
In 1991 was in school, and in Burumba primary school, up to 1992 when l joined St Josephs Kyabirikwa then l was in P.1 in P.3, in 1996 l went to Munyonyi primary school for P.3 after migrating from Isingiro and going to kashari where my father past away.
In 1999 l joined the Preparatory Seminary Mushanga for P.6 to P.7 in 2000.
Then joined Kitabi Seminary for my secondary level 2001 to 2006,from seminary many things took place about my seminary life, which include; being a leader and being awarded a trip to Germany also being a scout.
In 2007 l joined Katigondo major seminary after having taught in primary during my secondary vacation up to today where lam for my second year in philosophical studies.


While in Kyabirikwa I received my first Holy Communion in 1993,and there I was in the crusade movement (Banyangabo) where I started teaching catechesis to young Catholics to receive their 1st time Holy Communion. I grew up a humble child as am now told and always found in church activities.
When my father died in 1996,I thought my life of schooling had gone. However my father in Heaven (God) was with me, who filled me with more courage to keep strong and more harder; though my attention to class work was reduced to business work to look for money for school fees.
There I must thank my mother and all those who gave me their assistance to keep in school.


I enjoy playing games like: basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, and at times draft. I also play computer games like: driving, draft, cards, and climbing.

I listen to music both gospel and local music.
I like scouting movement, legion of Mary, and other youth movements.
In addition, I enjoy sharing life experiences with my fellow youth.
I enjoy also visiting friends and writing letters,
Plus adventure in modern technology.
I have liked the bible, which has become the best reading book in all books to me.

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