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Issue #1

Issue 1!

This is the first ever issue of Tween magazine!


-easter goodies
-cute outfits
-exclusive on 1D
-easter quiz

So, it's Easter soon. If you're like me, you love to shop. Especially when there's a sale. Well, get your shopping bags ready, it's the start of the Easter sales!!

How cute are these:

These all came from Next:
Bunny face cloth-2.50
Cute picture-15.00
Pink trilby hat, also comes in blue-8.50
Floral trilby hat-12.00
Navy beach bag, also comes in pink-10.50
Cute Easter Outfits!!!

It's fashion time, lets get some cute Easter outfits for all those parties you'll be going to.

This section is for FOOTWEAR

Will 1D make up, or break up???

Whether you adore one direction, or you wish they would jump of a cliff, this news will certainly make a difference.

Kian Egan (West Life), says he doesn't think the boys have what it takes to be successful and to stay together in the music business. "I don't think they're responsible enough to keep it together, they need to sort this out." They need to develop their relationship other wise their career is going to crash and burn.

Comment what you think in the guest book.

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