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Welcome to my blog, shanks! Now, If you are here it means one; you clicked on this by accident, or two;
I happen to be the biggest Maze Runner addict there ever was! So here, you will finds fun facts, fandom jokes, you can ask me questions, and once in a while I may add in some of my Maze Runner poetry that I write! So, stick close to me and run like you life depends on it...Because it does. I know, I'm just so bloody inspiring! :)
Did you know that Frypan's real WICKED name is Siggy?-Named after Siggman Freud
Did you know that Minho is named after a scientist from the future? However, James Dashner got the name from his niece's husband.

Did you know that the first copy of Maze Runner didn't have Glader slang? And it didn't include Ben's banishment!
Here is who all the Gladers are named after...

Thomas-Thomas Edison
Newt-Isaac Newton
Minho-(scientist from the future)
Teresa-Mother Teresa
Alby-Albert Einstien
Frypan(Siggy)-Siggman Freud
Chuck-Charles Darwin
Ben-Benjamin Franklin
Jeff-Thomas Jefferson
Clint-Bill Clinton
Winston-Winston Churchill
Harriet-Harriet Tubman
Sonya-Sonya from the Bible
If I am missing anyone plz e-mail me

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