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The JonasBrothers don't just sing!They also act!This is the Jonas Brothers on Hannah Montana.

Here are the hotties in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock.

And this is them on their original short series:Jonas Brothers living the dream

This is the boys with their very good friend Miley Cyrus.

And here they are with Zac Efron from HSM!!

Here is the Jonas Brothers with another good friend Avril Lavigne.

Here they are with Alicia Keys!!!!!

Paul Kevin Jonas was born in Teaneck,New Jersey on November 5th 1987 to Kevin sr.and Denise Jonas.Kevin is the oldest boy of the band,and it was his idea to start the band.Kevin plays guitar and sings.He has 3 siblings,Franklin,Nicholas,and Franklin.

Joeseph Adam Jonas was born in Casa Grande,Arizona on August 15th 1989 to Kevin sr.and Denise Jonas.He plays guitar,tambourine,piano,and percussions.He has 3 brothers Nicholas,Paul(Kevin)and Franklin.

Franklin Nathaniel Jonas was born September 28,2000 to Denise and Kevin Jonas sr.His brothers Nick,Joe and Kevin want him to join the band,but he has his own called webline which he said the Jonas Brothers will open for someday.He has 3 older siblings,Nick,Joe and Paul(Kevin)

Nicholas Jerry Jonas was born in Dallas,Texas on september 16th 1992 to Denise and Kevin(sr.)Jonas.Nick has diabetes.He was discovered at a barbershop while singing.He made two solo albums,Dear God and Joy to the world(a christmas prayer)he has 3 siblings Joeseph,Paul(Kevin),and Franklin.

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