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For the next episode of much music's mydatewith... they are doing Emily Osment! I entered and hopefully I will win!!

Miley has quit her twitter account. according to her youtube video she made, she wanted her own life and was getting too obssessed with Twitter. :( :(
Miley Cyrus is an amazing girl with an even more amazing career ahead of her. She has gorgeous style and she is an awesome singer and actress. She has four siblings: a younger sister named Noah, a younger brother named Braison, a older brother named Trace and an older sister named Brandi. She has a mom named Tish and a dad named Billy Ray who stars beside her in her hit t.v. show, Hannah Montana. Miley was born in Franklin Tennessee and has a love for animals. She has several dogs and horses. Most recently, she has gotten a maltipoo puppy for her sixteenth birthday who is named Sophie. I love Miley Cyrus and I hope you do too!!!

Miley on set of Hannah Montana the movie

Miley on her elle magazine photoshoot. Stunning!

Miley Cyrus as hannah Montana, looking as beautiful as always

Miley on Elle magazine cover

I love this picture!!


How does Miley always look so beautiful?? *sigh*

Miley Performing

Miley in Rome, promoting her new movie!

Miley looking peaceful in her beautiful yellow top

Miley and Emily at a Hannah Montana Premiere

She's so talented!!

Miley's photo shoot for glamour magazine

Miley Cyrus is amazing!!!

I am so jealous of how effortlessly pretty she can look!!
Magazine coverstar
Incredible singer!
Loved by all her fans
Enjoys to perform!
Young but amazing!
What does that spell???

Miley and Demi = Best Friends for Life!!

Miley with boyfriend Justin and Emily

Miley and Nick performing their new song- Before the Storm

Miley with lil' sis Noah and Mom

Miley filming her music video for her song, fly on the wall

Miley and her BFFs: Demi and Selena

Miley by the eiffel tower... ooh la la!!

Miley and BFF, Taylor

Taylor Swift in a photo shoot.

Fan art to promote her new song- Teardrops on my Guitar

Taylor Swift on her photo shoot for rolling stones magazine

Taylor's photo for Seventeen magazine.


I am so jealous of this girl!!

I LOVE this picture!!

SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!



on the red carpet

Taylor Performing!

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