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As the popularity of tattoos continues to grow, so does the concern about potential risks. Some risks, such as the spread of infections through the use of unsterilized needles, have long been known. but what isn't clear is the saftety of tattoo inks. most of permanent tattoos are made by using needles to inject colored ink below the skin's a permanent tattoo that mimics the results of cosmetic products such as an eyebrow pencil, lip liner, eyeliner, or blush.

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what are the Risks
What are the Risks?

Infection - Dirty needles can pass infection, like hepatitis and HIV, from one person to another.
Allergies - allergies to various ink pigments in both parmanent and temporary tattoos have been reported and can cause problems.
Scarring - Unwanted scar tissue may form when getting or removing a tattoo.

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