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My feelings..[with gifs]

Hiiii! My name is Avery.



You can say whatever the hell you want, but this dude..Justin Drew Bieber...is my idol.

He is one of the two people I can say make me happy and have saved my life. As a cutter, not a lot of things make you forget your urges, but he actually does. Although I personally think "Never Say Never" is a stupid quote, I say it cuz it gives me hope for myself and what I want to accomplish. He has [indirectly] been there for me when no one else has. If you don't like him, great for you; don't bitch at me because you say will ever make me like him less. I'm a Belieber till the day I die. And if you like him...bitch, let's be best-motherfucking-friends, yes?

Oh..btw..I write Justin Bieber Fan Ficton. :)
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and dats it. :)

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