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So, people. I'm gonna start blogging! Has anyone ever thought about how people feel when people bully them? No? Then don't do it. I've never ever been mistreated before, but I'm only in 4th grade, so I think it's gonna start in middle school. Let's say,one time you saw a nerd, and pasted a "loser!" Sign on his back. You know it's wrong, but you can't help it! Later, a bunch of jocks bea at him up. You gulp and think, wow. That hurts, but you carry on to class. How would you feel if you were him? Don't care if your not"cool" if you help him. In your mind, you know helping is coolest of all. So, that's today's lesson. Tata for now!






School time! Huh. Most people hate school. Bah, hand in your home work now, how do you solve this problem, and so on. But school is good for you! Yeah, I know. Everyone says that. But, here are the reasons:

  • You learn (duh)
  • You can have friends
  • You have experiences
  • You learn how to deal with bullies
  • You can become more social
  • Teachers can help with things

My opinion with homeschool is negative. I think it's bad because kids are lonely and have no one to talk to. When they're learning, the parents have to ask the only one in the room quizzes and they can't count on other people to bail them out because there's no other people. Sure, homeschool is better than regular school in many ways, but in my view, there are more bad things than good things. Please come back to read more of my spectacular posts. Bye and see ya soon!

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