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Loom Bands used to be popular all over the world. But now, they are really unpopular and people have forgotten that they exist. A loom band lover myself, I forgot to use them. But, as my room was such a tip (and it still is), I found the box and set my creative mind to work. Now, I look on youtube and internet sites for creative designs. I have tried to create new designs myself, too!

Loom Bands can be thick, thin, long or short. Glasses sleeves, pencil grips and phone cases can now be created! Fishtail- a well known technique -can be used for all items, including diaries, where you can use a loom band as a safe lock. Loom bands become useful when needing to complete projects, so we do actually need them. But if not, we just don't think of ideas. My dad got me a book about a year ago. It's called "LOOM BAND IT" and it is sold at Amazon.

Here is a link to the site:

Read all of this Blog to find out more about my campaign.

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