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This continues from “King Albus Finnegan and the Battle of the Castle”.

King Albus Finnegan and the invasion of the Kingdom

Chapter 1
The escape in the dungeon


In a castle, a meeting was being held between a group of sorcerers.

“King Albus? I really think that Gargolia is going to return.” said Seth.

“Seth, I am not against you. It is just that if he IS going to return, then we must be ready.” explained King Albus.

Meanwhile in the dungeon, a woman was screaming. It was Madame Scorpio.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” screamed Scorpio. “I HATE YOU ALL!”

Scorpio had changed her hairstyle as well. She had tied some of her hair neatly into a neat horse tail.


A fire came out of Scorpio’s wand and it burned the cage. Scorpio ran out of the dungeon and shouted “ALAKZAM!” to get through the door.

“APPRATEQUA!” she screamed and she disappeared.

Back at the meeting, King Albus was sitting on a chair when Skye just burst in.

“Father FATHER!” she cried. “Scorpio has escaped!”

“Oh no.” said King Albus. “Crystal? Can you help me to find Scorpio? Oh, and you too Skye.”

“Ok!” replied Skye and Queen Crystal.

Chapter 2
The other meeting

Scorpio was walking in the bushes, until finally stopping at a tree. She tapped the tree trunk and said: “Folia folia folia noo.” A hole appeared in the tree. Scorpio climbed down the hole and ended up in a room, full of dark sorcerers who were all supporters of Gargolia.

“Greetings Scorpio.” said one of them.

“Hello.” replied Scorpio as she sat on a seat.

“Now you guys. There is something we need to do. We have failed to destroy the kingdom so many times that I have been forced to say that we must attack together.” explained Scorpio.

The others exchanged looks and they agreed.

“But first.” said Scorpio. “We must get rid of King Albus first.”

“We can’t!” cried another one of the Dark sorcerers. “He is far too powerful to defeat!”


“That’s not a bad idea.” admitted someone.

“We could do that.” said another.

It seemed like everyone agreed.

Chapter 3
Another performance of the deadly spell

Meanwhile, King Albus’ army was in a meeting.

A man with black hair came sneaked into the room. Stepping noises were heard until there was a large shout from the black haired man. He pointed his wand at the army and shouted: “CRUTIAS KROKOKIA!”
A jet of white light shot out of the wand. The jet of white light shot out quickly and killed everyone in the room. The man got out a piece of paper. The paper said:

To Se-SMUDGE (there was a smudge in the ink)

Destroy King Albus. Report to HQ immediately at 5:00 tomorrow. NO excuses.

From Scor-SMUDGE (there was a smudge in the ink here as well.

Chapter 4
Scorpio’s army

One day later, Scorpio had a big army. Full of sorcerers, knights and all sorts of things like that.

“AHA HA HA!” cackled Scorpio. “Even King Albus and his army couldn’t defeat me and my army, MWA HA HA HA!”

Chapter 5
A visit from Gargolia

Suddenly a big gust of wind blew in the room. Cups were falling from shelves and a ghost seemed to appear right in front of Scorpio. Its face appeared then its body and finally its arms and legs. This wasn’t a ghost; this was a magical way of sending a message. The ghost took form and it finally was ready. The ghost had taken form of Gargolia. The Dark Wizard opened his mouth to speak. He spoke very calmly.

“Madame Scorpio. How pleased to meet you again. I hope your army is going to kill Albus and the rest of the people in the kingdom, but if not, I will torture you so badly, it will be worse than death.” said Gargolia. “If you succeed in this task, you will have the greatest reward you could ever imagine, so Madame Scorpio, kill King Albus Finnegan, TODAY.”

“Yes master.” replied Scorpio. “I will master, I promise I will kill Albus Finnegan, who is believed to be the greatest sorcerer in the world.”

“Good. Bye for now.” said Gargolia.

Chapter 6
A bad discovery

“Oh no! Father!” cried Skye.

“What is it Skye?” asked King Albus.

“Everyone in our army has been killed. Luckily we have another one.” explained Skye.

“Oh no.” said King Albus.

“Its true.” confirmed Skye

Chapter 7
An invasion

Scorpio was with her army.

“Alright. EVERYONE!” shouted Scorpio. “I want all of you to get ready to invade and then destroy King Albus’ kingdom!”

Everyone was already ready.

“We need to destroy that kingdom once we have invaded it.” explained Scorpio. “I will go to the castle an invade it to DISTRACT King Albus so you guys can easily invade the kingdom, then destroy it.”

That day, Scorpio went to the castle, but the gate was locked.

“Hmmm.” said Scorpio. “TIPFEERIO FIRPITIPHIO!”

The gate just flipped over and landed on the ground with a crash. Scorpio walked in. Suddenly Skye appeared.

“Scorpio! It’s YOU!” cried Skye.

“Yes.” replied Scorpio. “It is me. FIRRIO VAPORO BLASTICRA!”

A ball of fire shot out of Scorpio’s wand, then another. The first bal of fire split into lots of small balls then back, split into small balls and back, split, back, split back until they reached Skye.

“BLOCKARO SHILIO!” shouted Skye.

A great shield of blue and white light came out of Skye’s wand and it deflected the fire, making the fire bounce onto the wall.

Chapter 8
Two battles start

Meanwhile, Scorpio’s army was invading the kingdom. King Albus was walking down the stairs, until he stopped at the scene of Skye and Scorpio’s battle.

“Skye!” cried King Albus. “Why are you daring to go up against such a powerful witch?!”

“I can survive!” replied Skye.

“Oh god. Let me take over.” said King Albus.

Skye moved to the side.

King Albus went into her place.

“Alright Scorpio, let me see if you are going to make Gargolia proud.” added King Albus. “BROKIROY!”

He pointed his wand at the ceiling, which crumpled up. Bricks fell down and were falling in Scorpio’s direction.

“FIZORO!” cried King Albus.

Each and every part of the ceiling was repaired, but the bricks that were already falling down, continued to fall.

“WATPRIO VAPORO!” bellowed Scorpio.

A jet of water shot out of her wand, which washed all the bricks into King Albus’ direction.

“Skye! Help to stop Scorpio’s army from invading the kingdom!” shouted King Albus.

“Ok.” replied Skye as she ran off.

Meanwhile, Scorpio’s army was being fought by King Albus’ army. King Albus’ battle commander was there as well. He fought well, bravely and with force. Skye didn’t have to touch Scorpio’s army, because she could just use magic.

Back at the scene of the fight between Scorpio and King Albus, Scorpio was in bad shape.


A white jet of light shot out of Scorpio’s wand.

“TUTORIO!” cried King Albus.

Both spells met in mid-air. They didn’t stop fighting. The place where the spells were meeting was filled with gold light. Sparks were flying everywhere!

“You can’t win this battle Scorpio. I know you couldn’t.” said King Albus.

King Albus stopped his spell and dodged Scorpio’s spell.

“Oh Scorpio. I don’t want you to be tortured that badly, but I don’t want to die either, so I guess there is one thing I must do.” said King Albus.

Just when King Albus was going to continue, Gargolia appeared.

Chapter 9
The torture

“Scorpio. You have not killed Albus.” said Gargolia. “So the torture will begin.”

“No master, please don’t.” pleaded Scorpio.

“I must! TUTORIO FIGROT!” shouted Gargolia pointing his wand at Scorpio.


“I will.” said King Albus. “CRUTIAS KROKOROKIA!”

A jet of white light shot out of King Albus’ wand and hit Scorpio.

“Thank you Albus, thank you.” said Scorpio as her eyes closed and she died.

“HOW DARE YOU!” exclaimed Gargolia. “CRUTIAS KROKOROKIA!”

“ALAKAZAM!” cried King Albus.

A jet of white light shot out of Gargolia’s wand and a jet of purple light shot out of King Albus’ wand.

“APPRATEQUA!” shouted Gargolia.

Gargolia disappeared.

“Oh well.” sighed King Albus. “I guess he got away with it that time, but I will find him eventually."

This story is going to be a fantasy story just to let you know.

King Albus Finnegan and the Battle of the Castle


The year 900…

In a room, in a castle, in a kingdom, in England there was a king named King Albus. He was a king of magical arts and was said to be the greatest sorcerer in the universe. There was a Dark Wizard named Gargolia who was feared by the entire world. But he was believed to be defeated by King Albus. He never returned.
After that defeat, King Albus and his wife named Queen Crystal had a baby girl. They called her Skye.

Chapter 1
King Albus Finnegan and Seth


“Father?” asked Princess Skye. “If you can do magic then can you show me?”

“Sorry I cannot because it would be highly dangerous.” replied Albus F.

“Oh. Ok.” said Princess Skye

King Albus also had a group of sorcerers (wizards and witches) who could help him to do good things for the kingdom. All people who wanted to be in the group had to pass a sorcery test. On that day a man called Seth asked King Albus if he could join the group. He had long, black hair with black eyes.

“You may if you pass the test.” King Albus answered. “In the test you will have three tasks. The first task is to get past a monster. Not easy. The second task is to beat me or get a close time as me in a flying race on broomsticks, and the last task is to beat me in a sorcery duel. Magic only. No spells used that could kill or torture anyone, OK?”

“That’s fine.” replied Seth.

Chapter 2
The first task

One day later, Seth and King Albus were in a dungeon.

“Ok Seth! The monster is behind this gate. You need to get past it. Ok?” explained King Albus. “Start in 3, 2 and 1. GO!!!!!!!!”

Seth walked forward. He got close and when he got close he got out his wand and cried “ALAKAZAM!!”

A jet of purple light came zooming out of his wand and it hit the monster in the chest. The monster was knocked backwards. Seth ran past the monster.

“That’s Task 1 complete and passed! Congratulations!” said King Albus. “Let’s see how you do your second task!”

Chapter 3
A performance of the deadly spell

Seth walked past a castle and stopped. Two people were coming past talking together. Seth managed to catch some of their conversation. He heard them say:

“That woman wasn’t it? Her hair was so messy.”

“She had brown hair wasn’t it? I saw a wand in her hand too.”

Seth immediately froze.

“Uh oh. This is not good.” muttered Seth.

He ran away quickly and hid behind a bush.

“They’ve discovered Scorpio. Oh no. This isn’t good.” said Seth.

One day later

A man with long black hair who was hiding his eyes sneaked into the woods. He saw two people chatting together. They were the two people that Seth overheard the day before. Quickly the man ran towards them, pulled out a magic wand and cried “CRUTIAS KROKOROKIA!”
A jet of white light shot out of the wand and hit both of those people. The two people had collapsed which could only mean one thing: they were dead.

Chapter 4
The bad news

The next day everyone in the kingdom was reading messages from the king which had news on it. The headline was:


“Father, father you won’t believe this!” cried Princess Skye.

“Yes Skye?” said King Albus.

“Two people have been murdered in the woods!” Princess Skye told King Albus. “And they left some evidence: a piece of black hair. Could that be Seth’s hair?”

“I am not sure Skye but I will try to find out.” King Albus calmly replied.

Chapter 5
The second task

The next day was time for the second task.

“Ok Seth please get onto your broomstick.” said King Albus. “We start in 3, 2 and 1 GO!!!!”

And they were off!

“Ooh, King Albus in the lead but Seth is catching up, oh no! What has happened to the broom that King Albus is riding on?! It’s been hexed!” cried a person watching who was commentating.

While the person who was commentating was commentating, a woman with messy, brown hair had a wand in her hand and she was pointing it at King Albus while muttering words. The words were: “Raxiroxohiokg. Mimbeelous Nimbolia.”
Crystal (the wife of King Albus) was watching the woman with the messy brown hair.

“Hey! Skye! Look at what that woman is doing!” cried Crystal pointing at the woman with the messy brown hair and the wand.

“Wait a minute, she’s hexing Dad’s broomstick! I have GOT to do something!” said Princess Skye.

“NO! DON’T DO ANYTHING!!” bellowed Queen Crystal.

But Princess Skye had been taught magic by King Albus so she could do magic. She pointed her wand at the woman and shouted: “FIREY OREOMAY FLAMELYA!”

Suddenly the woman’s robe had set fire! The woman got out her wand and cried: “PUTIA OUTIA!”
The fire had gone out, but her hex on King Albus had stopped. Seth was in the lead with King Albus close behind. King Albus caught up, then he was winning and Seth crashed brooms with him, but King Albus still won.
Because Seth crashed brooms with him King Albus was lying down on the finish line. One of the people at the finish line looked furious.

“SETH! DO YOU SEE WHAT YOU JUST DID TO THE KING!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MUST NOW PAY 5456 PENNIES 300 HALF PENNIES AND 100 FARTHINGS!!!” shouted a person at the finish line to Seth.

“Ok.” replied Seth, giving him lots of gold and silver coins.

“AND YOU!” bellowed the same person pointing to the woman.

“CRUTIAS KROKOROKIA!” bellowed the woman. A jet of white light shot out of her wand, and hit the person who she had to pay. That person collapsed. He was dead

“APPRATEQUA!” shouted the woman again, and she disappeared.

Chapter 6
The third task

Finally it was time for the third task.

“Seth, we are going to duel against each other. No killing anyone.” said King Albus. “The duel starts… NOW!!”

“ALAKAZAM!” shouted Seth.

“BLOCKARO!” cried King Albus.

A jet of purple light came out of Seth’s wand and a jet of blue light came out of King Albus’ wand. They met in midair and they were sparks flying everywhere!

“WATPRIO VAPORO!” bellowed King Albus

“FIRRIO VAPORO!” cried Seth.

A jet of water came out of King Albus’ wand and a jet of fire came out of Seth’s wand. They met in midair. Both spells were stopped.


Seth was knocked of his feet. King Albus had won the duel!!

“Seth?” said King Albus. “You are now part of my group.”

Chapter 7
Madame Scorpio

The following day, King Albus was on his throne when he heard Seth shouting: “King Albus, King Albus KING ALBUS!!!!”

King Albus stood up.

“What is it?” asked King Albus.

“There’s a mad woman in the dungeon!” cried Seth. “I got to he- I mean, she is plotting to destroy the kingdom, starting with the castle!!”

“I’ll go to the dungeon.” replied King Albus. “I think I know who you are talking about.”

King Albus went to the dudgeon, but the door was locked.

“Hmmm. Well I think I must do it.” said King Albus.
“Alright, ALAKAZAM!!”

A jet of purple light shot out of King Albus’ wand. It hit the gate and the gate just fell apart. King Albus walked in. Suddenly Seth hurried up to him.

“I wouldn’t go in here if I were you.” said Seth. “People would get suspicious.”

“I don’t mind. There is a mad woman who is trying to destroy the kingdom.” explained King Albus.

Suddenly, Skye came running up towards them.

“Father, FATHER!” she shouted. “I have got to help you!”

“And me!” cried Queen Crystal.

“Ok.” replied King Albus.

The three of them (Seth had gone) walked into the dungeon. King Albus heard a voice and a scream for help.

“HELP! OH PLEASE HELP!” cried a voice.

“Hey. I recognise that voice, that’s the voice of our battle commander!” said King Albus.

“And you’ll never see him again!” shouted another voice.

“It’s YOU!” bellowed Princess Skye.

“Yes, it’s me.” replied the voice. “It’s me Madame Scorpio.”

The voice belonged to a woman with messy brown hair. She was the one who hexed King Albus’ broom.

“CRUITIAS KROKOROKIA!” shouted Madame Scorpio.

“So, your name is Madame Scorpio then.” said King Albus. “BLOCKARO!”

A jet of white light shout out of Madame Scorpio’s wand and a jet of blue light, shot out of King Albus’ wand. The met in midair. Both spells were still fighting each other. Madame Scorpio stopped her spell, and dodged King Albus’ spell. She was holding an emerald in her hand.

“This emerald is no ordinary emerald. This emerald has the power to destroy your kingdom.” explained Madame Scorpio. “So you might as well give up.”

“NEVER!” bellowed King Albus. “ALAKAZAM!”

A jet of purple light shot out of King Albus’ wand, but Madame Scorpio dodged it and she ran past them out of the dungeon.

“See if you can stop me now. AHA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” cried Madame Scorpio.

Chapter 8
The Battle of the Castle

“I know her!” shouted Seth. “I call her Scorpio she was and still is a big supporter of Gargolia!”

“I know.” replied King Albus calmly.

“AHA HA HA!” cried Madame Scorpio. She pointed her wand straight at King Albus, cleared her throat and cried: “CRUTIAS KROKOROKIA!”

Suddenly the battle commander came out of the dungeon 100% fine and blocked the spell with his shield.

“Thanks.” said King Albus to the battle commander.

“CRUTIAS KROKOROKIA!” screamed Scorpio.

“TUTORIO!” cried King Albus.

A jet of white light shot out of Scorpio’s wand, and a jet of red light shout out of King Albus’ wand.

Again both spells met in midair. Sparks were coming out of the part of the spells where they were meeting. Scorpio’s spell was losing!

Then, the emerald from Scorpio’s hand slipped out!

“THE EMERALD!” bellowed Scorpio.

King Albus then shouted: “ALAKAZAM!” as he reached for the emerald

“NOOOOOO!” shouted Scorpio. “TUTORIO!”

Then a jet of red light shot out of Scorpio’s wand and hit King Albus in his chest. It had hit him. The “Torture Spell”. It was pain, beyond pain, but King Albus managed to get up.

“ALAKZAM!” shouted King Albus.

Scorpio was blasted backwards as King Albus had got the emerald. Then Scorpio came charging at him. She hit him right on the back. The emerald flew out of his hands, hit the wall and smashed.

“NOOOO! I HATE YOU! ALAKAZAM!” cried Scorpio.

King Albus got his wand and let the beam of purple light from Scorpio’s wand touch his wand. Then he flicked his wand and the purple jet of light went back to Scorpio and she was blasted into a cage, inside the dungeon.

Chapter 9
The end of the story

“I can’t believe it. We beat Madame Scorpio!” cried King Albus. “This calls for a feast!”

A feast was then held. When it finished, everyone went to bed.

Hello guys! I recommend you read “The EPF vs the RPF” before reading this OK?

The RPF’s revenge (carrying on from The EPF vs the RPF)

Chapter 1
The RPF escape from EPF jail

It had been 1 week since the victory of the EPF when Rains1 had used the cannon to handcuff all the RPF agents and when the RPF were put in EPF prison. “Urgh.” groaned the RPF director. “Are we ever going to get out of here?!”
Just then the RPF director spotted a firelighter. “Hmm. Well I should use the firelighter to burn the cage.” he thought. “Then I could escape with the other RPF agents.”
The RPF director got the firelighter and burnt the cage. Then he burnt all of the RPF agent’s cages. They were all free! They escaped to the RPF base for a speech to be said by the RPF director about a new way of capturing the EPF agents. The EPF then just realised that the RPF had escaped and they also realised how they escaped. “Who left their firelighter out?” asked the EPF director. “Was it you Rookie? You look guilty.”
It was Rookie so Rookie was honest and admitted that it was himself. “Well it seems as if the RPF have used your firelighter to escape by burning the cage.” the EPF director told them. “We’d better get them back!”
“I think they went to the RPF base again. If not I don’t know WHERE they could have got to!” said Rains1.

Chapter 2
The new form of handcuffs

In the RPF base the RPF agents had sat down to listen to the RPF director. “Hello there my fellow agents.” began the RPF director. “I, with my own mind have made a new form of the original handcuffs. I have made, the LASER CUFFS.”
There were a lot of agents calling out things like “oooh” and “aaah”. “The laser cuffs are just like normal handcuffs but they have a laser in between the two half’s. This makes it impossible to break the laser cuffs. Also you cannot destroy them in any way so if you try to burn, smash, crack or explode the laser cuffs it will not affect them in any way.” explained the RPF director. “Has anyone got any questions?”
This time there were no RPF agents with questions. “Is everyone absolutely sure?” said the RPF director. “No one has ANY questions? Well your chance is going… going…GONE! Ok so now you can’t ask any more questions OK?”
The room went deadly quiet. No reply came from the RPF director’s question.

Chapter 3
A big shocker trap

Just then the EPF burst into the RPF base! “WHAT?!” shouted the RPF director. “SET THE TRAP QUICKLY!!!!”
“Yes sir!” cried all the RPF agents.
Suddenly all of the RPF pushed buttons and just one second later heavy bricks with strong cement started building themselves around the EPF director and EPF agents to trap them. Rains1 only just managed to slip through a tiny gap before the bricks blocked that part. “That is the first time anyone has been able to escape from that trap.” said the RPF director. “So I guess that I should trap you in another way.”
Before he knew it Rains1 was thrown onto a metal platform which suddenly sprung laser cuffs out. Rains1 was laser cuffed!
“HA HA HA HA!” cackled the RPF director. “Not sure how you can win now?! Ha! Well the small building your friends are trapped in is going to be sent down the trapdoor! The trap door will lead to the incinerator which will crunch up and burn the box until- oh it’s too nasty to think about!”
A wicked smile came upon the RPF director’s face.
“Say goodbye to your friends before they are sent down to die!” howled the RPF director with a mass of laughter.
The RPF director pulled the lever and the box fell down the trapdoor.
“NOOOO! How could this happen!” cried Rains1.
“Well in the small building your friends are trapped in, there are screens which show what’s happening here. I put them in there so all of your friends can witness your death before they die! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” shouted the RPF director. “Give up Rains1 I have already won now!”
“NEVER!” shouted Rains1. “I WON’T LET YOU!!! YOU RASCAL!”
“I always favour bravery.” said the RPF director. “But face it I have already beaten you. Surrender at once unless you want to die a very painful death.”

Chapter 4
The end of all the EPF agents lives, or not?

“I WILL NOT SURRENDER!!! NEVER!” bellowed Rains1 so loudly that RPF director almost fell backwards.
“Well in that case. KILL HIM! DROP HIM ON THE SPIKES!!! JUST KILL HIM AND BE DONE!!!!” ordered the RPF director.
RPF agents then came swarming towards Rains1. They grabbed him by the arms and unlocked the laser cuffs. With a push of a button outside a patch of grass was covered in spikes! “AGENTS! DROP HIM ON THE SPIKES AND LET HIS FRIENDS WITNESS HIS DEATH. I WANT TO SEE THIS.” the RPF director snapped. RPF agents carried Rains1 up to and open window on the top floor. “We will drop him onto the spikes from here.” said the RPF director.
“You may kill me, but you won’t kill my friends.” said Rains1. “But whatever I do, I will stop you. I mean it.”
The RPF let go of him and Rains1 was plummeting down, thinking that the end had come. When the time had come Rains1 looked in his pocket.
“Where is my Spy Phone?!” exclaimed Rains1. “Did you steal it?!”
“As a matter of fact, well yes I did.” replied the RPF director. You could never defeat me now!”
It was a pretty tough position. Rains1 was just inches away from the spikes! He got his grappling hook and put the hook on the window sill. Then he swung on the grappling hook and landed away from the spikes on the ground.
“NOOOOOO!” shouted the RPF director.
Meanwhile in the small building where Rains1’s friends were trapped in, Coolguy8212 was trying to stop it falling into the incinerator.
“We’re doomed! At least Rains1 isn’t doomed. He’ll stay alive. We saw him on the screen didn’t we guys!” said Coolguy8212.
Suddenly Rains1 broke into the control room, handcuffed the person in there (as he was an RPF agent) and turned the incinerator off. He had done it! All his friends were saved, but they kept falling down the trapdoor.

Chapter 5
How long the trapdoor really was…

“Rains1 saved us!” cried Abc7878.
“Yay!” cried Saailee.
“He’s going to get another big EPF award.” said the EPF director proudly.
“Bye RPF director!” shouted Rains1, so that the RPF director could hear him.
Rains1 jumped down the trapdoor (as the incinerator was off).
At once all of the RPF agents came to the trapdoor and jumped down with the RPF director. The small building, Rains1 and the RPF were all going down the trapdoor. “What a long trapdoor” thought Rains1.
Finally when they got to the end of the trap door they were in the middle of the sea!
“I had no idea that the trapdoor was so long when the incinerator is off.” the RPF director told everyone.
“Aren’t you supposed to know how long it is if you fired a huge cannonball which made a huge trapdoor?” asked an RPF agent.

Chapter 6
The RPF’s Death House

“We’re in the Atlantic Ocean!” cried the RPF director. “The RPF Death House is on that island there! We take people who we want to die there.”
All of the EPF who came were gulping. They thought that THEY were going to be taken to the Death House!
The RPF got to the island where the Death House was and they teleported the EPF onto the same island.
“I think the end has finally come.” murmured Rains1 to the rest of the EPF.
“Welcome, to the place where a lot of people have been killed by us. The RPF.” said the RPF director.
“YOU WILL NEVER KILL US RPF! WE WILL STOP YOU!!” bellowed Saailee and Abc7878 together.
“We do so much good. And you want to kill us.” the EPF director and Coolguy8212 told the RPF, but facing the RPF director.
“If you guys try to kill us, I’ll call the moderators what you guys are doing. They could do something to stop you guys.” said Rains1.
“I’VE GOT YOUR SPY PHONE YOU CAN’T CALL THEM!!” shouted the RPF director.
“Oh, but you didn’t take my normal phone that I use when I am not on EPF duty!!!” cried Rains1. “I’ll call them with that phone.”
Rains1 called the moderators. They were called Happy77 and Billybob. Happy77 and Billybob came over.
“We must arrest you and you RPF” Happy77 and Billybob told the RPF director.
“Oh yeah?! Well check this out!” cackled the RPF director as he pushed a button; Happy77 and Billybob were teleported away!!

Chapter 7
The Deadly Weapon

The RPF director brought the EPF to a room in the Death House.
“This is the room which holds a deadly weapon.” the RPF director told the EPF. “Soon you will be killed by the weapon. All of you. ALL OF THE EPF!”
“You’ll never get away with this. We will stop you.” said Rains1
“You REALLY think so?” cried the RPF director howling with laughter. “Well this weapon has already destroyed loads of people’s lives. And it will destroy yours.”
Rains1 was getting so angry now. His fists were clenching. He looked like he could charge at the RPF.
“What on earth are the powder cuffs?!” laughed the RPF director.
“When they are fixed onto someone’s hand it will have special powder, which can beat anything, so you can’t break it in any way and you can’t escape because it stiffens your legs!!!!” explained Rains1. “And I am going to powder cuff YOU GUYS!”
Rains1 got some powder cuffs and powder cuffed all of the RPF.
“NOOO! OUR PLAN FAILED AGAIN!! OH DARN IT!” shouted the RPF director.

Chapter 8
A jolly good finish!

The EPF took the RPF to EPF jail and put them in fireproof cages. Also they took all the RPF spy phones so they couldn’t teleport out of the cage.
“Rains1 you get a special EPF award and 2,000,000 coins!!!
All the rest of you, get 80 EPF medals.” proudly said the EPF director.
All of them went to their igloos and had a nice sleep. It had been a long and tiring day!

We have now finally part 2 of our story “The day Fredrick changed Homeworld”.
Please enjoy!!!!!!!!

Chapter 4

Fredrick then got out a firelighter and put fire on the icicle that Sophie was trapped in. “Uh oh!!! If that burns all the ice then Sophie will burn!!!!” exclaimed KAWD.
“Oh no you’re right!!” screamed KDFJ.
The icicle was burning and the fire was coming down about to reach Sophie!! She couldn’t move in an icicle! The flame was burning, reaching and not long after that it was about 20cm away from her!!!! KAWD got his bag and took out his underground spade that he used. He broke the ice so Sophie was free, so she crawled away just in time!!! But the fire was spreading across the cliff. KDFJ saw Mary and Mavis who were coming along. “You guys! There isn’t enough time!! There is a fire!” KDFJ told Mary.
Mavis heard what KDFJ was saying and was very worried.
“AAAARRRRRRGGGGGH!” growled Fredrick.
He got his freeze ray and almost froze KDFJ with it! Suddenly a king called KDW came! “I heard about the fire. We have got to stop it.” explained KDW.

Chapter 5
The mysterious phone call…

KDW then got his full water bottle and tipped it on the fire. It didn’t go out properly. “A-ha!” cried KAWD. “We will destroy the fire by getting my great, big powerful water hose!!”
KDFJ and the others had to admit that is was a good idea. KAWD got his hose and sprayed the fire.
“Oh blast!” cried Fredrick Evensmith. “I hate you guys!!”
He called someone, got a plane, the plane took off, the plane was in the sky and then Fredrick got his parachute and dived out of the plane!! Then he ejected his parachute and landed in the middle of the forest. “RING RING RING RING RING RING RING!!!” rang KAWD’s and KDFJ’s smart phones. “Hello? Is anyone there?” asked KAWD
No answer came.
“Hello?!!!!! Can you answer me????” said KDFJ losing his patience. The two kings just ended the call.
Then they got a letter. It was from Fredrick Evensmith!!

It said:

Greetings KAWD, KDFJ and KDW,

Why did you stop me?! GRRR! I will give you three CANCER! HA HA!!!


Chapter 6
Fredrick’s evil plan

The two kings looked at each other, then at KDW. “What?!” cried KDW. “What the whatty what?!”
“He probably wants to spread cancer round the world starting with all the kings, and then the king’s family and friends, next famous people and normal people until NO ONE except Fredrick will be infected.” KAWD said. Just then Fredrick had suddenly appeared out of thin air this time, a poison spreader but it said: CANCER SPREADER. He got it out. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” cackled Fredrick. “So I heard what you said KAWD. You were right about my evil plan. But I have no problem with that!”
Then KDW came in. “I know you Fredrick. You were first bad, you turned good and now you are bad again.” said KDW sensibly. “And you think that you can spread cancer round the world! Well do you remember me?” There was a silence. KDFJ stepped in. “IF YOU ARE GOING TO SPREAD CANCER ROUND THE WORLD YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN BIG TROUBLE!” bellowed KDFJ. Fredrick smirked. They were all confused. “You think it’s a cancer spreader!” laughed Fredrick. “It’s actually a poison spreader! I tricked you!!!” With one whip he put poison on KDFJ. He just fainted on the ground. “Tee hee!” cackled Fredrick.
KDW grabbed the poison spreader, but Fredrick got it back and put poison on KDW. He fainted too!

Chapter 7
Fredrick, the poison and the cliff

KDFJ was now dying. KAWD grabbed the poison spreader and put poison on Fredrick. “Aaaah! What have you done!” screamed Fredrick. “I curse you!” Fredrick straight away got a bottle of liquid and drank it. KAWD just remembered something. The pocket robot!! He rushed and un-froze pocket robot. KDW got up. He looked 67% healthy. It was decreasing until it looked like 24%! “Yes!” cheered Fredrick. What he had drunk then was an undo poison liquid. KDFJ looked 1% healthy, but when he used his king smart phone to scan him he found out that he was 0.1% healthy! A grin came on Fredrick’s face. He again called someone, got a plane, the plane flew away but this time he didn’t jump out of the plane, he stayed in. “Hmm that plane looks like a plane which bombs places WAIT A MINUTE UP IN THE SKY THERE IS A HUGE GROUP OF LANCASTER BOMBERS! AAAAAH!” shouted KAWD. The planes came to the cliff. Quickly KAWD made an undo poison liquid and gave it to KDW and KDFJ. They were now 100% healthy! Suddenly they saw bombs coming down! It exploded! Giant, strong, gigantic rocks were falling from the upper part of the cliff!! The whole cliff was collapsing!! Normal citizens were told by police to go the other way. Sophie was crying so loudly now! They were all panicking. “Waaaaaaaaaaah!” cried Sophie.

Chapter 8
The hard moment for the world

Pocket robot was on the cliff too! He stretched his arms. All the planes were still bombing! Buildings were getting blown up, the Kodak building was destroyed, and The Leaning Tower of Pizza fell down, Big Ben also tipped over and destroyed other buildings! The bombers were going round the world! In the leader airplane was Fredrick and other evil people. After destroying Mount Everest, The London Eye, and the Great Wall of China the bombers went to The Eiffel Tower which according to some people is THE most popular landmark in the world. Bombs were dropped on it and The Eiffel Tower was gone. “If it carries on like this then I will have destroyed all of these famous landmarks!” cried Fredrick Evensmith. All the newspapers, news reports on TV and the radio were on about the bombing!

Chapter 9
A battle

Just then when Fredrick was about to bomb as much of the world as he could another plane appeared! On it was a sign saying “ROYAL PLANE PEOPLE IN ROYALTY ONLY”. “Please don’t tell me that’s got people to stop me in it!” begged Fredrick. He saw a face in that plane. That face was KAWD’S face!! The Royal Plane flew past and kings activated some gadgets! “Ha Fredrick!” cried KDW. “How do you think you can beat us now?!”
Fredrick started to get really angry. He told one of the other planes to crash into them and to use parachutes to get out. They tried to crash, but the royal plane dodged it. “JUST EXPLODE THERE PLANE!!!” bellowed Fredrick. “EXPLODE IT NOW!!!!”
They used one of there gadgets to activate a propeller. Then they started it and put it in a cannon.
“Hey Fredrick!” shouted KDFJ. “One push of this FIRE button and your planes will be shredded!”
They pressed the FIRE button and of the propeller went!! It shredded all the other planes. It was joy seeing Fredrick and his gang falling down, only to be caught by police officers!!!

Chapter 10
The arrest and celebration!

“Yer under arres’. All o’ yer.” a policeman told Fredrick and his gang.
“He’s got a weird accent hasn’t he?” whispered KDFJ to KDW and KAWD.
The police handcuffed the gang of bad guys and took them away. “Yay!!!!” cried KDW joyfully. “This calls for a celebration!!!”
They had a really nice party back at the palace (the whole world was repaired). Meanwhile in Homeworld jail Fredrick was bellowing. “GET ME OUT OF HERE ALL YOU FREAKIN’ POLICE!” bellowed Fredrick.
Finally it was 2:34 in the morning and the kings hadn’t even got to bed because of the long day!! “What a day! Well as they say.” cheerfully said KAWD. “All’s well that ends well!”


Hello guys! It’s a new story! Please enjoy!!! By the way this is only Part 1!

The day when Fredrick changed Homeworld
Part 1

Chapter 1
Fredrick Evensmith turns evil

One chilly winter’s afternoon K.A.W.D was having a snack when he got a call! It was from K.D.F.J. “Hello!” KAWD said. “anything the matter?”

“Anything?!” repeated K.D.F.J. “EVERYTHING is the matter!”

Just at that moment the phone just exploded! “Wha- what- Oh! I will just use my king smart phone.” So he got out his king smart phone (which can do anything that an iPhone4s can do but even more) and called K.D.F.J.

“You were sayi-” began K.A.W.D but before he could continue Natalie and Mia came running down the street. The two kings simply knew that something wasn’t right! KA.W.D and K.D.F.J both came running downstairs just to realise that Fredrick Evensmith (their friend) had turned evil again! He marched down the road, freezer blaster in hand.

“Uh oh” said KAWD to KDFJ!

“I agree” agreed KDFJ.
KAWD quickly got his King Smart phone out and got security. The security officer’s came, but Fredrick froze them!

Chapter 2
The big shocker!

“What on earth?!” cried KAWD.

KDFJ came out and threw a rock at Fredrick, but Fredrick simply shot the rock into pieces! “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!”

cackled Fredrick Evensmith. Fredrick E froze the door of palace so it broke the door of the palace, hacked into the DNA scanner, let himself in and froze all the kings! Most were badly injured, but some were just frozen in an icicle.

“This is NOT good!” KDFJ told KAWD.

“What ARE we going to do?” asked KAWD over the “freezing” sounds.

“I don’t know! But maybe we could get some help!” replied KDFJ. “Who should we ask to help?!”

The two kings thought and thought but while they were thinking Evensmith came over with his freezer blaster and fired it. It narrowly missed. “Wow! We were lucky then!” exclaimed KAWD. But then just suddenly the two kings just found out that Fredrick had frozen their pocket robot! They were very shocked! “Hey Fredrick!” cried KDFJ. “How dare you do that to our pocket robot!”

“Yeah!” agreed KAWD “Un-freeze him!”

“I would NEVER do that!” shouted Fredrick. “Anyway why would I?!”

Chapter 3
Mr Bilon, Natalie, Mia and Sophie at the cliff

“Hey KDFJ! We’ve we have got to keep Sophie safe!” KAWD told KDFJ.

Once Fredrick heard that he started to hit Sophie and slap her in the face! “That’s not kind Fredrick!” shouted KDFJ. “Stop it!”

He lit a fire in the fireplace and threw her! She almost landed straight into the fire. Mr Bilon caught her but was teleported to the Homeworld cliff. He was balancing on the edge!!! He and Sophie were going to fall down if the others didn’t get here quick enough! Mr Bilon holding Sophie tight fell down but Mia gave a rope to them, they quickly grabbed the rope before it was too late! Natalie held on to the rope, KDFJ carved the rocks quickly to make getting back up easier and KAWD jumped down the cliff! “NOOOOOOOO! KAWD YOU ARE GOING TO DIE WHEN YOU LAND!” bellowed KDFJ.

He was right but KAWD grabbed on a rock at the right time! Very soon he reached Mr Bilon and helped him get back up.

Sophie was crying. KDFJ hugged Sophie. Fredrick arrived at the cliff and froze Sophie! She was frozen inside a big, fat chunk of an icicle. “Sophie!” cried everyone on the cliff!

Here is a new story! Enjoy it!

The EPF vs the RPF

Chapter 1
The RPF robbery

BEEP! BEEP! The EPF Gadget Room had been robbed!
“What the heck has happened here?!” exclaimed the EPF director.
“Sir the RPF has robbed our classified information, disc files and the gadgets.” Coolguy8212 told the EPF director.
“Oh no my fish recipes!” shouted Rookie. “They’re gone!”
“So is the Cheese 3000!” G said. “I think someone ate it!”
Just then as G was trying to track down the RPF with his tracking device Rains1 spotted an RPF agent trying to get away!
“Oh no you don’t!” cried Rains1. He told all the others but only Abc7878 and Coolguy8212 joined him! They chased the RPF agent to the Ski Hill. “Sir I am being chased by EPF agents! What am I going to do?!” the RPF agent asked the RPF director.
“Teleport back to base and I’ll do what I can to trap ‘em in them cages we got.” explained the RPF director.
“Yes sir!” saluted the RPF agent. He found a hiding spot and then teleported away to the RPF HQ.”NOOOOOO! bellowed Abc7878. “WE HAD HIM!!!”
“Start the cannons and fire the cages. The targets are all the EPF agents. Cages will come flying towards them trapping them in the cages.” explained the RPF director.

Chapter 2
The plan

“Has anyone got any problems with my plan?” asked the RPF director. “Yes.” replied the RPF agent that we met back in Chapter 1. “What happens if all the cages miss?”
“Yes! The time has come! I shall now reveal the secret about the cages to you. They won’t only trap the EPF do-gooders in their cages, but they will also have a hidden cannon on one of the bars. These cannons will fire a tiny drop of liquid made by me which is powerful enough TO EXPLODE CLUB PENGUIN!!
But before that happens we will escape from the island before the island starts to explode. explained the RPF director. Any questions now?” No answer came.

Chapter 3
Victory or not?

Cannons were being lit! “Good good! NOW THIS IS THE END OF CLUB PENGUIN! MWA HA HA HA! cackled the RPF director. “Oh no you don’t!” cried Rains1. As he knew where the RPF base was he started to stop the cannon from firing by using a wrench to unscrew everything. “NO! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE RAINS1?!” bellowed the RPF director.
“I’ll tell you what I have done here!” smiled Rains1. “I have disabled all of your cannons!”
“BUT WHY!” shouted the RPF director.
“Because I would not let CP come to an end now would I?!” explained Rains1 with a wink.
“Wait a minute. Wait for me I am coming.” said Abc7878.
“You’re far too late.” sighed Rains1. The RPF director winked at Rains1 so Rains1 did a question mark (?) emotes. “I know you have foiled my Plan A, but beware with this classified information I stole I can find out how to destroy Club Penguin so HA! cried the RPF director. “Now my fellow RPF agents. Trap them in one of our cages but remove the cannon otherwise it will kill us all.” RPF agents started to throw a cage at the EPF agents! The EPF agents were now trapped in a cage!

Chapter 4
The big escape

As the EPF were trapped in the cage they had to think of how to get out. “Oh no we’re trapped!” cried Abc7878. “What are we going to do?!”
“Well Abc7878.” explained Rains1. “You do realise there is no way out of here. Well at least I can’t see anything to get us out.”
Suddenly Coolguy8212 thought of an idea. “I know!” he shouted. “There is a chandelier up there! We should really reach out for that long whip, as it is so very long we will be able to whip the chandelier so much that it will fall down, break the cage and we will be free!” All of the agents nodded. They really thought that it was a good idea. “Coolguy8212! Your idea was fantabaledoicus!” smiled Rains1. “That is exactly what we are going to do.” Rains1 grabbed the whip, swung it round and round and finally managed to hit the chandelier. Then chandelier fell down. They were free!

Chapter 5
The RPF don’t surrender

All the EPF agents started to run away. Suddenly an alarm started ringing. “BEEP BEEP! EPF AGENTS SPOTTED TRYING TO GET AWAY!” beeped the alarm.
“Uh oh. We better run!” cried Sailee and Coolguy8212.
“EPF agents! How did they escape?! It doesn’t matter. RPF AGENTS! GET THE EPF RIGHT HERE SO I CAN DO SOMETHING WITH THEM!!!!” bellowed the RPF director at the top of his voice.
“You’re right!” agreed Rains1. “Let’s run for our lives!”
“DON’T LET ‘EM GET AWAY!!” screamed the RPF director.
A chase began. The RPF were chasing the EPF. Rains1 just then spotted the gadgets and the classified information. “Guys I think I have found the classified information with the gadgets!” cried Rains1. He threw it to Abc7878 who only just caught it.

Chapter 6
How the RPF was made

Abc7878 didn’t know what to do with the classified information so he teleported to HQ#93575 and put the classified information and the gadgets where they belonged. “Good work Abc7878.” proudly spoke the EPF director. “You did well.” Meanwhile in the RPF base Sailee got hand cuffed on the hands and legs while Coolguy8212 was tied up! It looked like a riot there! Loads of RPF members and only one EPF member. “Think think!” said Rains1 tapping his head.
OK it’s going to be hard, but I think that I must do this all by myself, thought Rains1.
“Excuse me EPF member. The RPF was made to be robbers not to be arrested by useless EPF agents!” shrieked the RPF director.

“How interesting. I always wanted to know how the RPF was created.” said Rains1.

Chapter 7
The BIG battle with a jolly good finish

While he had his chance Rains1 screwed back one of the cannons, took the cages out and put handcuffs inside.
He then pressed the button marked FIRE. The hand cuffs fired everywhere and eventually every RPF member was cuffed on the hands and the legs. “GRRR! I HATE YOU RAINS1!” bellowed the RPF director. Rains gave him a wink, uncuffed Sailee and untied Coolguy8212. Abc7878, Coolguy8212 and Sailee all helped Rains1 put the RPF agents including the RPF director into EPF jail. “Agents you have worked extremely hard today. You can go back to your igloo’s and have a rest.” proudly said G. The 4 penguins went round Rains1’s igloo and they had a very good time.
Just then Rains1 told them something. "Guys. Please don't tell G but I was the one who ate the Cheese 3000". Rains1 told them.
Then Rains1 got a package. He opened the package. Inside was 1000 coins! There was also a message saying:
"Dear Rains1,

Thank you for cuffing all the RPF and putting them in jail. Please accept these 1000 coins!"


Rains1 put all of the coins in his bag and went to sleeep. It had been a tiring day!


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