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Hi!,welcome to my fantasy blog.Here in this blog you can get information about fantasy world.I hope you enjoy!

This is a picture of Harry's family.The man is Harry's father(James Potter),the women is Harry's mother(Lily Potter) and the baby is Harry Potter.

This brave guy are named Harry Potter.

Are you a witch?,do you have magic powers?.Sometimes people dreaming that they wanna be a witch.Flying over the moon with a flying broom.Magic are exist and witch too.But why peope don't believe when I ask?.I like watching fantasy movies like Harry Potter,Narnia and etc.Fantasy world are exist if you believe it.If you like fantasy world,you just have to believe it if you wanna dreaming to go there.

Hermione Granger

The stupid evil witch named Lord Voldemort.He has killed Harry's mother and father when Harry is a little baby.
Be happy!Go lucky!

Look delicious huh?...

What a beautiful heart... .Want this picture?easy,just save it dah...

Look very strange at this egg.I wonder where it came from.Here is the story about this pink egg.One day,I walk to my mom's garden.I bring along my sketch book cause I love to draw.I saw a big chicken walking infront of me.The color of the chicken is red and orange at the wings.Suddenly,I saw the chicken have a pink egg(you know what I trying to say).And I grab the pink egg and run back home.I said to my mother"mom,look at this strange pink egg I get from your garden".My mum said"yes,it is strange".And then we go to sleep.Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha kidding!!!...

Look at Emma Watson,She's so beautiful and feminine!

Which one is your favourite?

Which magic wand do you want?I will buy it for you,kidding!

Is it scary for you enough?

Happy smile from Emma Watson

Do you know where this character belongs?it's from W.I.T.C.H!

You hear that?

Friends forever for my pen pal Dila and Romila.

It's animie friends you know!

This is my last blog box.I'm going to build a new page.I hope you all getting fun with my blog!:3

Love from,

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