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Hello the person who is reading this!

I wonder how you got yourself here. Hmm... well at this point, I don't think it really matters anymore. Now the question is, do you want to continue reading? You may be thinking "Why on earth would I want to read something like this?" The only answer I can give to you is that I don't know. But I can tell you some information about myself.

First of all, my name is Siiri. Nice to meet you, who ever you are. I am from Finland. I live in a pretty small place. It is actually so small, that we really don't have much anything in here, which is why I am bored really often. And that is the main reason for me to start this blog, to get some entertainment. There are other reasons too, and one of them is that I hope to get better in English. But I will tell you more about the story behind this blog later. Because now we are focusing on me.

There are many things I enjoy in my life. My cat is one of them. Her name is Onni, and she is super cute. I also love traveling. Even though I am not very old, I have already visited many countries. Those are Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany. And I hope to get to see many more places. Right now, I really want to go to Iceland or Italy. By this far, my favorite places have been the Legoland in Copenhagen (check the picture on the left) and the mountains in Norway. Baking is also one of my passions, and even thouhg I am a very picky eater, I love to test different (and sometimes very weird) recipes. I also enjoy reading, my favorite genres are fantasy and horror. I love the book If I stay (and also the movie!!).If you have any suggestions on good books, I am more than willing to recive them! My favorite series in TV are Supernatural (I'm in love with the cast) and The Big Bang Theory.

I am also a huge fan of sims, and I even have the sims 4. Usually, I go on a game binge and play it for three days straight, and then leave it for the next five months until I remember it again. It is a really funny game that I would recommend everyone to try!

I am a little pit sporty person (but seriously, only a bit), and my favourite hobbies include running and snowboarding. I am really bad at both of those, but I still enjoy them, so who cares? My hobbies also include learning languages. Like I said before, I am learning English, but it is not the only language I know. I also know how to speak Swedish and Italian, but I know only a little bit of both of those languages.

Here is a short introduction into who I am. Only time can show what will happen to this blog, but I am hoping to keep writing my thoughts and ideas, basically anything that goes through my head, in here. Bye bye, and see you next time!

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