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Kingdoms Conquer
Coming soon!

I know it's coming out in a few days... but I uploaded another teaser anyway!

What do you think of the new intro?

Looking for voice actors! If interested, email me at:

2-25 2018

EXCLUSIVE sneek peek of the upcoming series, War. (written by L.R. Blade)
Special Announcement!
L.R. Blade is working on screenplays for a new series, War.
The episode screenplays will be posted on Wattpad. But we would like to make a series from the screenplays as well.
More information later.
Dagger Has Been Postponed
Dear readers/watchers,
Dagger has been postponed as we must rewrite some of the script.
We hope to get back on track with production soon.
As soon as we rewrite what we must of the script, we will finish casting and film the trailer.
In the meantime, we have decided to work on a Divergent fanfilm.
We will also continue the production of our series, Kingdoms Conquer.
BreyergirlZ (Director/producer)
Midnight Mare Studios
Fire Of The Phoenix
(Poster/Title coming soon)
We are beginning the production of a Divergent fanfilm, which will be caused Factionless.
Description coming soon.
RP(rating pending)
Hey guys!
I`m breyergirlZ. Known to some simply as Z. And this is now my 'offical' site. Or at least my site for now.
I am a 12 year old movie maker and author. I am currently working on a series called Kingdoms Conquer! And a book called dagger.

I have been making movies for over 7 years. I have a collection of about 38 breyers. I either make my own sets,props,costumes. Or for sets i go outside and use what I have.(doll shelves, barn pieces)
I hire voice actors to voice my characters. In my series Kingdoms Conquer I currently have 2 voice actors. FinaTheStargazer as Alyss and May51963 as Cannan and Tybalt.

Make sure to check out all the cool stuff on my site!
We have the Kingdoms Conquer page where you can see updates, get links, movie pics and more!
Dagger: page where you can see my book prieview, updates, sweepstakes, and...well more!
Coming soon!: Get updates on what’s new, in progress, overviews.
Links: Links to my other social media and sites.
enjoy the site!

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