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Day 1


Problem 1: (Divisibility Problems)

a) The six-digit number 31n12 is divisible by 6. What is n?
b) The four-digit numbers a240 and a576 are both divisible by 12. What are the possibilities of a?
c) Is 39358 divisible by 11?
d) Is 46646 divisible by 13?


1) How did the invention of the microscope affect scientist' understanding of living things?
2) Explain the three main ideas of living things?
3) How does a compound microscope use lenses to magnify and object?
4) Explain why both magnification and resolution are important when viewing a small object with a microscope.
Day 1 Answers

.ylraelc strap laudividni ees uoy pleh snoituloser dna era yeht naht regral kool sgniht ekam ot tnatropmi si noitacifingaM )4
.meht hguorht sessap taht thgil eht gnidneb yb tcejbo na yfingam epocsorcim dnuopmoc A )3
.sllec rehto morf decudorp era sllec lla dna ,sgniht gnivil ni noitcnuf dna erutcurts fo tinu cisab eht era sllec ,sllec fo desopmoc era sgniht gnivil lla era seiroeht fo saedi niam eerht ehT )2
.ees t'nac eye namuh a taht sgniht revocsid ot stsitneics dewolla epocsorcim eht fo noitnevni ehT )1


oN )d
seY )c
9 dna ,6,3 )b
5=n ro 2=n )a
:1 melborP

What is this: I reversed the text so you can't just look at the answer. You must go to http://www.flipmytext.com/textreverser.html or other websites to reverse it back to see the answer.
Day 2


Problem 2: (Number theory problems)
a) How many sets of 2 primes sum is equal to 22?
b) How many non-prime integers are between 100 to 500? Describe your steps.

Problem 3: (Number theory problems)
a) The product of the 2 digit numbers 1A and CA is 300. Evaluate 2(A+C).
b) If 6AA/5A=12, what is A?


1) What is the function of the cell membrane?
2) Why is the nucleus sometimes called the control center of the cell?
3) Name two plant cell parts that are not found in animal cells. What is the function of each part?
4) How do the cells of bacteria differ from those of other organisms?
Day 3

Sorry! I don't have time to post the solution to yesterdays or to post today's problems... COMING SOON!!

Update: Still don't have time!(yet)
Sorry guys... I am busy... Haven't have the time to update this site...
If you would like more problems like this, email me! :) I will be happy to add more.

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