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Auberge Tilila )Tilila was founded by Abdullah, known as Waggag. Hewas chef at restaurant Etoile d'A - Servicios

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Abdellah aggage Vous proposent 3 chambres et table d'hôtes dons une maison berbére en pisé située dons un Village adossé au pied du mont Lkest

L´auberge offre plusieurs services a part le logement dans des chambres bien propres et bien équipées.
La cuisine peut être disponible pour les clients en libre-service. Il y a aussi la possibilité de demander au responsable de l´auberge de vous préparer les repas que vous choisissez, pour lesquels vous pouvez selectionner et collecter les ingrédients dans le vaste jardin de l´hotel.

The inn offers several services apart accommodation in rooms clean and well equipped.
The kitchen may be available for self-service customers. There is also the opportunity to ask the manager of the hostel to prepare meals that you choose, where you can select and collect the ingredients in the large garden of the hotel.

The hostel is located at the foot of the Adrar Lkest the mountain Lkest, the Anti-Atlas mountain range and has a garden where customers can listen to and enjoy singing a variety of birds in the morning by taking small lunch under the blue rocks of the mountain.


Das Gasthaus bietet verschiedene Dienstleistungen neben Unterkunft in Zimmer sauber und gut ausgestattet.
Die Küche kann für Self-Service-Kunden. Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit, die Leiter der Herberge bitten, Mahlzeiten, die Sie wählen, wo Sie und sammeln Sie die Zutaten in den großen Garten des Hotels zubereiten können.

El hostal cuenta con muchos servicios además d el alojamiento en habitaciones limpias y bien equipadas.
Cuenta con cocina a disposción de los clientes para autoservicio. También existe la opción de pedir al jefe del hostal que le prepare las comidas que elija, para las que puede seleccionar los ingredientes que crecen en el huerto del hotel.

El hostal se encuentra cerca de la montaña Adrar Lkest, la cordillera Anti-Atlas y tiene un jardín donde los clientes pueden escuchar los cantos de una variedad de pájaros durante la mañana tomando el desayuno bajo las rocas azules de la montaña .

And spreads rock climbing in the Anti-Atlas mountains and it is better to be a way to get to your pursuits. Rock is a quartzite granite characterized by large grains and friction good .... A lot of slab. The quality of the rock is different though.

To begin with, one of the most comprehensive guides to the northern region of Tafraout can be found here:

In the convoy in Anirguihttp


Today we got in the, Totti valleys lead our upward movement. He chose the multi-pitch Augaour, a village high in the mountains. Rock was not the same as the rock grains in more detail below ... Was Festival choss; stocky with tons of breakage symmetrical cracks (despite the lack of security and scary for placements). Some areas had no protection for a considerable period of time. Today we climbed, pretty much all three commanders of us (Totti in the party and one of the three; Roberto and I in our party) was ascending a very run-out stadiums.

We did some recon the night before since we arrived at about 07:00 in Tafraout and the three of us chased daylight find climbs base. Made light of the decline in difficulty and we are returning to no avail.

Roberto and I homestayed, in a hostel Tilila family friendly in about 300 meters of the mountain. We prepped our gear in the previous night, and slept in the family council (salon / living room) snugly and were ready to climb the mountain the next day. When the whole group was held in the convoy, he began to Roberto and I am the first to find the base of climbs. I saw a column topped white diagonal crack ignite it and used that to my sights and soon found in the book until we finally had the right direction.

I am prepared and have taken on the first pitch, and the absence of any beta. And walked none of these routes although it incredibly easy. There were only two areas; pitch 3 (which Roberto LED) and pitch 4rth (which may) to call stadiums core. Pitch 3 participate withdraw from through the roof with an easy step 5.7. The stadium was 4rth I led a sharp run-out; around 5.7. I'm sure I was 30-40 feet over my last piece of gear, and it was amount of choss the joke was Totti and his party stopped motionless to watch me get through this stadium. I felt as if they were more afraid for me than I was.

This was a very easy way, but a good introduction to climbing adventure because we did not know what to expect, and although we found the base of the climb, I had no idea where the road was going. We went just blindly up.

The descent was easy as well; good walking off (! Could not imagine any case abseiling and rope undoubtedly did not come down) with a lot of pebble areas to be careful of. Closer to the village, and there may be a countless number of "tracks" that are part of the areas of gardening so anything you take, you probably can not go wrong ... It all goes to the mosque.

This would not be my choice of climbing area around Tafraout but I'm glad I saw it ... If I did not, I would never have found in the village of amazing little Anirgui the villagers met me was wonderful. After the climb, I took off on my own to explore; invited more deeply in the house, and chatted more to break the Spanish, French, Arabic and English and the combination and took many of the pictures that you can print and give as gifts of appreciation for their time and warm welcome.

Even if you do not climb, and visit this almond and olive tree-filled Hamlet is a must.

It was supposed to be just for one day but I wanted to continue for a longer period. So I did.

I asked my cohorts climbing to drop me where I was when we had all stopped to fuel even before -9 hour trip to ÊæÏÑì Gorge 4WD after rising in Tafraout. I wanted to stay in Tafraout and explore more. In fact, I want to live there.

Three years ago, during the month of Ramadan, I had visited while on a business trip to Agadir on the coast. I found a local Tafraout that leads me to his house and back in a matter of hours - it was adventure reconn to see the mountains. The Ant Atlas Hamlet charmed me with it's small number of tourists, it's everywhere, rich, tons of earth, matching the Kasbah (fortress) Houses and of course, spectacular mountains. I fell in love. The establishment of friendly locals and warmth in the town, not just a clear, sunny days.

Auberge Tilila
Chez Abdellah
Vallée des Ammeln Tafraout
Village Asgaour
Salon Marocaine Terrasse Panoramique
Adresse: Village Asgaour
Tafraout 85450 Maroc

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Auberge Tilila )Tilila was founded by Abdullah, known as Waggag. Hewas chef at restaurant Etoile d'A - Servicios (Artisans - Bed & Breakfast)    -    Author : waggag - Morocco

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