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About the author:
L.R. Blade is a young author who loves reading action-packed, heart-pounding stories as much as writing them. She first discovered her writing talent when she started writing short stories. In addition to writing novels, she has written several screenplays. She currently lives in Arizona, USA, with her mother, two sisters, and dog.
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Dagger, (yet to be released) is the story of young Eliza Herolan.
Eliza Herolan is given the task of protecting a magic dagger known as the Light Dagger. And though Eliza is told the power-hungry Elise Corsec is more desperate then ever for the dagger, and her task with be filled with perils, she is not prepared when disaster strikes...

A truly heart-pounding,action-packed,breath-taking story, "Dagger" is a book that you won't be able to put down.
Dear readers,
I am working on some new screenplays for a series called War. I am happy to announce it will also become a model horse series with the help of Midnight Mare Studios!
The screenplays, once released, will also be available on Wattpad for a limited amount of time.
~L.R. Blade
"Most people think the war has ended...But really, it's just begun." (War opening sentence)
After 2 years of fighting it seems that all will be well and the kingdoms have finally come to peace. Peace treaties have been signed and soldiers are returning home.
But what few know, is that the war is really just beginning.

Eliza Herolan
Eliza Herolan is the main protagonist in the book.
Eliza was most likely the most effected by her father's death out of the entire Herolan family.
He was her best and only friend. As Eliza wasn't very sociable and only left the cabin for necessities and hunting.
Eliza is a tomboy who loves hunting, it is her favorite pastime and she does indeed spend a lot of her time doing it.
She also spends time practicing her shooting, tracking, and stalking skills.
Eliza doesn't spend a lot of time with her sisters, Thesa and Asara, nor her mother.
Being the oldest, she was entitled to protect the Light Dagger after her father died.
And though Rowin warned her that Elise was becoming more desperate then ever. But Eliza doesn't know how many perils her task has till disaster strikes...
Arsic Scepera
Arsic Scepera is a protagonist in the book. He was trained as a Todliche Assassin after his father died.
After a attempt at murder of the Lord of Cerestil, Arsic is sentenced to "death by fire".
However, with the help of his old comrade, Jhonathan Fywn, he manages to escape.
He later meet's Eliza at a inn, and agree's to help her protect the dagger.
Jhonathan Fywn (Jo-han-ah-thin Fawn)
Jhonathan Fywn is a protagonist in the book.
Jhonathan was, like Arsic Scepera, trained as a Todliche Assassin.
He started his training almost 3 years before Arsic. At the age of 9.
He was found after his father, mother, and sister died.
Rowin was Carlac Herolan's old comrade.
Rowin is a war veteran and was a battlemaster for some time.
When Carlac dies, investigators found nothing at the scene.
Rowin is the one, who identifies Carlac's cause of death as a poison known as niferen.
After this, Rowin gives the Light Dagger to Eliza Herolan, Carlac's first born.

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