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this is miley Cyrus with her puppy. i hope you like it.

i drawed this for miley my best star.

miley says say to me hello guys i love you lot

now you can look like miley

hannah montana sends you a kiss

miley has the best of two worlds

hi im back and i want to send ya a kiss nikola 6 july

thank you for reading next time its going to be more.
coming soon more info. 5 july 2 years a go i was having brown hair it was a wig

Miley Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee.

and again little miley Cyrus as a little girl age 10.

here is a girl with blond hair and is Lily from Hannah Montana. as a Little girl

this is little beutiful and wonderfull and preety miley as a child age 8

big miley in magazine

the preetist girl in the hole world

this is hannah montana costume

this a second one

and that is a third one

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