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Homework: Yes I know. This is a website, not school! But anyway, is's fun. Chose someone to be a backup plan. When someone is about to find you drop something or say something that you both agreed on. The person will lead away the person that almost found you. This is useful but as soon as someone else finds out this trick they will use it against you.

If you are here to do tiny missions like go to your room undetected, you are in the right place. If you are looking to try to break into someone's house well, 1- against the law 2- I can only prepare you to do that and I would NEVER ask you to do it.
First mission- Try to follow a relative. First, if you have one, follow your pet. (If possible) Then, blend in to your backround. Avoid wearing all black unless at night. Wearing black will make people notice you more in the day time. After that try walking in differnt parts of your house or apartment. Then try all kind of shoes you own near the front door to see if it makes you quieter. After you have practiced, start following. (no going in bathroom, people might find you when they are useing the bathroom)

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