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This is the all American Pop Music and this is our 3rd stop around the world! They're called the Black Eyed Peas! (From left to right) their names are Appl de App, Fergie, Will I am, and Taboo! Here are a few of their most famous songs......1.Boom Boom Pow 2.The Time (dirtybit)3.I Just Can't Get Enough 4.Ima Bee 5. Rock your body and 6.Fergilicios! They win tons of awards this year like....Grammy's,Acadamy's, and Kids Choice! They have some sort of a style! LOL! This is the main information about the Black Eyed Peas! See you at our next stop finding The Worlds Pop Culture!

Hola, this is a Spanish band called Las Ketchup! Their names are..(left to right)Lucia, Lola, and Pilar Munoz! They're sisters! These are just a few of their songs 1.The Ketchup Song 2.Saludas 3.Mamalo 3.Un De Vez en Caundo 4.Krapuleo 5.Kissin' the Wind 6.When Your Gone 7.Kusha las Payas 9.Tengo un Novio Tntrico 10.How Come You Stole Your Own Words 11.Kids in America! These are some of their number one hits! This is are second stop for finding......The World's Pop Culture!Adios!

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