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Shattered Time:

As the sun shines down behind the moon in a brilliant light,

Time stands still with the hands at midnight.

A crack in space,

leaves everyone with a puzzling case.

Finally someone finds a hidden rhyme,

the thing that is called shattered time.

The Moonís Serenity:

In the silent darkness of the night,

there is always that one light.

The one that shines above the rest,

the one that leaps over every challenge and test.

It goes through painful frustrations,

as it tries to dominate the nations.

The hidden shine behind the sun during the day,

during the night it comes every so joyfully to stay.

No longer looking for itís identity,

it shines brightly as the moonís serenity.

Never Give Up:

Everyone knows the saying no pain no gain,

Well what about no quitting the game because that would be a shame.

So many sports to name and play,

but three are the favorite I must say.

Once again Iíll face the giant,

No longer will I be reliant.

Iíll hit and kick and swing and throw,

until I finally beat the sun with my final blow.

Forget about fame and just never give up the game,

because near the end, youíll be the only one who takes the blame.

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