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hello my fellow survivors...the world has ended...a meteor hit earth.
you can be an ark survivor (only 2 people can be) ark survivors are big money to whoever can kill them.ark people are people that were in a small shelter from past goverment made for the new life on the wasteland .....these smll shelters could hold three people in pods and they could withstand 1000 atomic bombs.you could be a khajiit (a humoniod like cat) a ratfolk (a rat humanoid...ratfolk are perfect when it comes to trading...they love to trade)you could also be a zinnan (a lizard humanoid)....the 'authority'is trying to kill all ark survivors because they dont want it to be the same.they think its their turn to 'take over' but their wrong. we need to brace together to defeat the authority and its leader.but mutants and bandits will get in the way....good luck! (no cussing).(their is a limit on other characters....we only need 3 khajiit.....3 ratfolk....and 5 zinnan. btw zinnans are great warriors and khajiits are great at magic.i forgot the orc....it has large strength....their can only be 3 orcs.)(if you are wondering what these people look like i will have a blog up soon!.)(if u cant pick one of these...be a human)(you have up to 2 characters.)

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The Grim Wasteland (a roleplay game) - Intro (Hobbies - Games)    -    Author : Trent - USA

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