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His eyes: "I can't stop looking at them. They're like the night sky." -Mackenzie,15
His nose: "some celebs nostrils are big enough to drive a bus in, but Justin's are normal." -Nicole, 12
His muscles: "his chest is saying to you, come and hug me." -Lucia, 14
His hands : " they would give great hugs." - Kenna, 17
His hair: "it looks so effortless that it probably takes a lot of effort. Gorgeous." Emmalee, 13

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All names and ages on this post has been changed


Tyra Blackheart

A YouTube channel! Funny girl with lots of videos. She has
  • Tours
  • Tutorials
  • Introduction

All at Tyra Blackheart on YouTube! Subscribe!!
Bullies (a quiz I gave to girls like me)

1.Have you been bullied?
54%: a little
2.what are kids bullied about most?
64 %: looks
3. Which kind of bullying is worse?
54%: physical
4. The best way to handle bullies is?
49%: stand up to them
5. When should you tell adults?
44%: after it happens a few times
if your a bully, stop and think about how other people feel. It's. Bad.


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